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Legend of the Skyfish

Crescent Moon Games, Mgaia Studio
Feb 24, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Legend of the Skyfish

Legend of the Skyfish is an inoffensive, cute, and simple puzzle game. Perhaps too simple as it honestly feels like this shouldn't be on Steam but on one of the Leapfrog gaming devices. I can appreciate any developer that finds inspiration in The Legend of Zelda, but inspiration can only take you so far. You need a little perspiration too, and I just didn't see enough sweat in this game.

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It’s a shame, because the game looks quite nice, and with tighter controls and a bit more thought into the puzzle design, it could have been a decent alternative to the Zelda games. As it is, it’s merely a poor imitation.

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The Legend of Skyfish has no issues with presenting itself as an adventure game heavily inspired by some of the most recognizable works in the genre and there's nothing wrong with that. What happens with The Legend of Skyfish is that despite its competent delivery of a simple, accessible gameplay welcoming of new players and which easily fits quick gaming sessions, the game lacks depth, originality and involvement and the overall experience feels like it's rather superficial and doesn't go as far as it could.

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If Legend of the Skyfish drops to its app price of $3.99 I'd have an easier time recommending it for its good-looking presentation and fishing pole approach to combat. But even then, my recommendation would be limited to those looking for a straightforward game and willing to tolerate the muffled music and repetition.

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I cannot recommend Legend of the Skyfish to anyone. The title is very obviously meant to grab your attention and convince you that it is at all similar to The Legend of Zelda series. Unfortunately, there is very little charm to this game. The gameplay gets repetitive quickly and the difficulty spike occurs too late in the game to save it.

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It's hard to stick with Legend of the Skyfish. Even clocking in at only around 2-3 hours for the 45 stages, it's easy to get bored with the game around the halfway point when it becomes clear that it has already shown all it has to offer and just repeats the same types of puzzles and gameplay.

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Legend of the Skyfish is a good game that's hanging out with a bad crowd. Sure, there's the cute art style, the level design is mostly passable, and the gameplay itself does its job most of the time. It's like it knows what it wants to do, and it knows how to get there. Still, every once in a while, presumably on cold, rainy nights, it likes to play dress up. It's cosplay of choice being a much less enjoyable game.

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‘Good concept, but lacking depth and variety’ is probably the best way to describe Legend of the Skyfish

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