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Nov 13, 2014 - Wii U, PC

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Critic Reviews for Tengami

Tengami is clearly a game that is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable time. The main character walks slowly. The music is extremely smooth and calming. And there's only one puzzle that will likely wrack anyone's brain. It's also a bit short, taking about two hours to complete, and it's worth noting that the Wii U version is $5 more than the iOS version, with the only addition seemingly the Miiverse stamps scattered around. Tengami is a decent way to spend an afternoon, but it left me wanting more than what was there.

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Tengami brings forth the ever-more present question of where does art end and the game begin, or vice-versa. A stunning looking graphical environment and an involving soundtrack do not make up for a slow and dull pace, a very limited gameplay and the lack of experience for the player.

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My dissatisfaction and yearning for more is only testament to its potential for greatness. The visuals are stunning and the soundtrack and ambience is completely and utterly mesmerising. This game is really good and I just wanted more: more puzzles, more of the world and more of that amazing music. It's such a shame really, that this game's biggest drawback is that it's so good.

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Price aside, this is definitely a game you should experience in some form or another, even if the only way for you to play it is on Nintendo's home system.

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In closing if you're looking for a fun and exciting game then look elsewhere, Tengami is for those looking for a deeper spiritual experience. The title is an artistic masterpiece to experience but offers very little gameplay.

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Tengami's visuals and soundtrack are really well done, but overall it was lacking in substance. I would have liked to see more perplexing puzzles and a developed narrative. That being said, I still enjoyed the ethereal atmosphere and spent most of my time admiring the world around me. Thanks to the short playtime, I didn't end up as frustrated as I could have been. You may want to try out Tengami purely for the art and music, which is what it's really all about.

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I feel also that Tengami is a game that would be better played on a tablet, to give you a sense of actually turning the pages, of discovering what's inside this magical book. At certain times, if you go exploring, you can find the edge of the book.

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Those looking for a unique game that results in a calm and relaxing experience need look no further.

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