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Available on:PlayStation VitaJun 9, 2017

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Genre: Action

Start your engines! In a world where humans can transform into automobiles, the Drive Girls are ready to hit the road and save the day! Play as five different Drive Girls and transform from superheroine to supercar and back again, as you smash through wave after wave of mechanised bug enemies attacking your home of sun island.

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Drive Girls is a disappointing game in almost every aspect with only a few redeeming factors.

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Drive Girls is a hack and slash slog where you quite literally drive girls who transform into cars to fight evil bugs. It is every bit the stupid, ridiculous, freaky fun game that it sounds like, and has some guilty pleasure elements that can endear it to players even while they recognize it is a total wreck. Battles are unique, but ultimately boring, and a bad story and lackluster look makes Drive Girls a mostly forgettable mess.

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Aside from a few very rare moments of fun, that's ultimately the problem with Drive Girls. It has a unique premise but nothing else stands out, and what is left is a game that is neither very fun, very memorable, nor even interesting. It's a game that I could only recommend to the utmost hardcore fans of niche games, and that's knowing all the caveats. It's just a title I couldn't get into, I couldn't enjoy, and ultimately felt like barely any effort was put into to make it engaging or stand out. The premise alone sounds so interesting, so its makes the final results hurt even more. This is one flat tire.

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Drive Girls is for those Vita fans out there that are dying to play an action game from Tamsoft and can't wait for some of their other games to come West.

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