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GOD WARS Future Past

NIS America
Jun 20, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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GOD WARS Future Past - Story Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for GOD WARS Future Past

Ultimately, while it's a little bit disappointing to see Kadokawa go with such a "safe" design for its return to the tactical RPG battlefield, there's enough in God Wars: Future Past's narrative and atmosphere to recommend it to someone on the lookout for a new Tactics-style title.

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Fans of the genre will definitely find their fix here. God Wars may not push the envelope though adheres to what can make tactical RPGs so deep and rewarding. With a little more care given to the story, friendly AI, and graphics, this could easily have been a much-needed triumph for Kadokawa Games.

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God Wars: Future Past features basic gameplay and simplistic visuals but an intriguing, well told story based around Japanese folklore that makes it a worthwhile experience.

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God Wars: Future Past is an SRPG which feels less future-facing and more like it's stuck in the past. It does nothing to try and redefine the genre, but it does have a number of well executed mechanics including a compelling job system. SRPG fans should find just enough to like, and newcomers may also stumble across some tactical fun.

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God Wars: Future Past is certainly a JRPG from another time, when the tactical genre was a mainstay on the Playstation 2 (and even has the aesthetics to match). If you've been craving another tactical title in your life, God Wars is a pretty safe choice.

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Although the game looks a bit dated and the story can be messy at times, God Wars: Future Past is a game that should be played by anyone who craves a great SRPG that tests your skills and knowledge of the genre. Kadokawa Games seemed to take the feedback of what they did wrong with Natural Doctrine and deliver a game that fits in well with other notable SPRG titles, while adding unique systems that allow it to stand out.

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God Wars: Future Past takes classic SRPG gameplay mechanics and not only executes but also supplements them incredibly well. The game's story and cast of characters make for a fascinating and entertaining experience that is matched only by the game's enjoyable battles and deep character progression. The experience is then enhanced even further by the game's beautiful 2D visuals and fully animated cutscenes. In spite its few flaws, SRPG fans will surely enjoy this latest outing by Kadokawa Games and newcomers who are able to take the genre's traditionally slower pace may find themselves hooked.

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God Wars: Future Past is an excellent turn based RPG for fans of the genre. Players will certainly enjoy the story telling through cutscenes and lively cast characters met along the way. And even though battles can become challenging at times, coming back with a new strategy in mind almost always leads to victory. PS Vita owners would definitely get the most out of this game with its handheld version.

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