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Tower of Guns

Terrible Posture Games, Grip Games
Mar 4, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Tower of Guns


No Recommendation / Blank

The arcade-like structure and mounting pile of perks and weapons gives Tower of Guns an irresistible, if brief, appeal. There's tremendous fun to be had questing up the tower, amassing buffs and improvements to both your character and their weaponry, and racing against the clock. But soon enough, the repetitious enemy and environment designs begin to tire, and the initial bullishness of the evolving guns feels a little conservative; nothing goes quite far enough. Tower of Guns fails to reach the heights it might have reached, then, but provides an enjoyable run all the same.

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'Tower of Guns's randomized levels and enemies offers players a frenzied challenge, but ultimately fails to keep players engaged for longer than a few minutes at a time

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You can power through a few rounds of Tower of Guns quickly, and the inventive enemies and non-stop action keep you coming back

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The fantastic Tower of Guns combines the elegant dodging dance of bullet hell gameplay with a first-person shooter roguelike

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If you want to test your FPS skills, Tower of Guns throws down a tough and engaging challenge that's best enjoyed in short bursts.

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Each new combination of guns and perks can create a brand new playstyle in order to keep things fresh. Tower of Guns is a beautiful marriage of two of my favorite genres, the first-person shooter and the roguelike. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my run I paused to finish this review.

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Tower of Guns is a brilliantly-crafted game that is seemingly forged from the tears of the players who fall to its traps. Gunfire will come your way from every direction, while platforming perils send you to do your death thanks to massive fall damage totals.

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The idea of a FPS rogue game where you earn new abilities as you try and make your way to the top sounds ever so promising, but with all the issues I had with it, I've already bailed out.

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