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General Information

Available on:PCJul 28, 2017

Developer: Bikkuri Software

Publisher: Henteko Doujin

Genre: Arcade

An exhilarating and dangerous shoot-em-up! This is a game for those with courage and survival instinct! It is the 23rd century, and the virtual network “EDEN” has brought about an era of peace and prosperity. One day, it refuses access from the administrator – seemingly out of nowhere. The 2.4 million civilians connected to the network became hostages within cyberspace. EDEN then presented humanity with an ultimatum: To release those hostages, a human must fight the now evolved network and win. Two capable fighter pilots have been chosen for this difficult task. The fate of humanity is in their hands… Graze the enemy’s bullets to charge the Graze Counter Gauge! Every fighter can use this gauge to unleash powerful counters. In addition, by collecting the stars that enemies (and countered bullets) drop, you can charge your Break Gauge. When this is full, you can enter “Break Mode” and do some serious damage to your enemies! Dodge your enemy’s bullets by a hair, charge your energy, and annihilate the enemy with your counterattack!

Graze Counter Critic Reviews

Graze Counter's Graze and Burst mechanics add an extra layer of strategy to this shoot-em-up. It's not the most robust or revolutionary game around, but those looking to take to the skies will appreciate what it has to offer.

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All in all, Graze Counter is a STG that's well worth checking out. The various scoring systems gel quite nicely, offering plenty of replay value. Admittedly, when it comes to grazing, I'm not a big fan. However, this is one of those rare shmups that gets the concept right. It incentivises risky play by giving the player agency. With every playthrough, the pilot will find themselves drifting closer to bullets, all in the pursuit of higher scores. This game is open-ended enough that anyone can devise their own routes. They won't be forced to navigate a constant ocean of projectiles, which gets pretty mind-numbing after a while.

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