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Scraping Bottom Games
Aug 9, 2017 - PC

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Fictorum Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Fictorum

Everything about this game is designed around casting these insane spells.

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The meat of Fictorum lies in the magic casting system and the game's ridiculously, dangerously fun physics. Blowing up buildings and bridges or sending enemies soaring into the sky is just an absolute treat. Throw in a fun story to follow along with on the map screen, and some crazy spells and the game can become quite enjoyable. The only huge concern I might have is the overall challenge of the game and how easy it can be to die. I've jumped onto house debris and managed to die before sliding off since the game interpreted it as me being hit by an object. It can get frustrating to die over and over, but thankfully the game experience is new each time.

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Fictorum deliveries on the promises it makes and is an enjoyable experience. It might look and feel a bit dated don't let that put you off what is a brilliant title. If you can get yourself lost in it's spellcasting and shaping mechanic then you will find a lot of fun to be had.

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Fictorum is an ambitious game that certainly needs more time and polish to really give it a strong presence in any PC library. A lot of promise is found in the utilisation of spells and magic, but the combat against foes is a complete mess in many situations. The ability to destroy nearly any structure is always an exciting act, and the story, being the strongest aspect, is easy to follow and understand. After all, vengeance is a plate best served on a magical icebolt.

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Fictorum is not a great experience among RPG games that have a huge world to explore. Because the answer to the question: "Did the game entertain me after a day or not?" Is a plain, dry and soulless "yes"

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Fictorum falls into the repetitive gameplay trap, but ultimately, it's redeemed by its story. If you always wanted to be a villain in a game, play this.

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I felt that the largest issue with Fictorum is that while the destruction and magic are perfect, the world you use them in is bland.

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Scraping Bottom Games’ debut release succeeds at making mages fun to play thanks to a combination of great gameplay and well written lore. Balance issues, poor performance and dated graphics might scare away some players, but those who stick with Fictorum till the end credits will find a diamond in the rough that is well worth playing.

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