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Aug 23, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Distrust

Distrust is a roguelike isometric survival game inspired by The Thing where hunger and sleepiness are as frightening as the aliens hunting you.

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Distrust is a refreshingly unique take on a familiar horror setting, where both players and survivors alike are gradually worn down by a lack of respite, and victory is a hard-fought push to the finish line. Though it's not quite The Thing as billed, Distrust manages to carve out its own fascinating niche with a devious cycle of madness and decay.

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Distrust touts Carpenter's The Thing as an inspiration. While the setting and score match perfectly, the gameplay feels like an imitation at best.

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Distrust is one of the best Indie games, with smart use of horror elements. Atmosphere completely matches with the game narrative and constant feeling of danger makes distrust an entertaining game. Still, I believe Distrust had more potential in itself, and could have been an amazing game. If gameplay were more detailed and had more depth. In the end, Distrust is a game that i recommend it to every gamers looking for a unique survival experience.

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It’s definitely more of a management sim than a true survival horror game and, in truth, that makes for an interesting premise. However, the inherent unpredictability, lack of direct combat, and some gameplay mechanics that don’t gel ultimately hold Distrust back from being more than an experimental blending of genres.

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Distrust is an excellent survival game. It doesn't hurry you and it doesn't suddenly kills you. What it does it make you watch draining energy bar while your survivors scour for a cup of coffee. It makes you sit on the edge of your chair when your character is about to eat molded tv dinner. It's great, not for consoles though.

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Distrust is a knowing nod to The Thing and plays homage to survival horror games in the same motion. It's far from perfect, but there is something there that makes it enjoyable.

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All in all, Distrust is a fun, engaging, satisfying game, as long as it’s played in short bursts; and the amount of characters for you to choose from allows for decent replay value, with many interesting strategies and combinations. Though, without much challenge outside of RNG, and without the amazing monster designs of the film from which it’s based, it can hard to recommend, unless you’re a true fan of the genre. It took a lot from John Carpenter’s The Thing, bringing all the best aspects of the horror classic into its style and atmosphere, but could have stood to take a bit more, at least to shore up its shockingly lackluster enemy design, and uninteresting plot twist.

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