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Samurai Riot

Plug In Digital, Wako Factory
Sep 13, 2017 - PC

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3 / 10
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6.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Samurai Riot

It is a shame that Samurai Riot Definitive Edition has such numerous technical issues, because they impact what would be a decent side scrolling brawler. Without the issues, the game would be a decent thing to play. One run through the game takes approximately two hours, but in its current state Samurai Riot is just frustrating.

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While Samurai Riot has decent gameplay and an interesting choose-your-own-path mechanic, I cannot recommend anyone buy Samurai Riot for the Switch right now due to the save erasing bug.

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It's obvious that Wako Games have tried to roll back the clock and provide players with a 'classic' arcade experience in a modern age. Yet the time of the arcade is long gone and the beat-em-up cannot survive on the basic formula.

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Samurai Riot Definitive Edition doesn't reinvent the sidescrolling slapper genre, but it's fun and cheap enough to make it as worthwhile of a purchase as any. ‍

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Samurai Riot is a decent 2D action arcade game, it just needs some refinement. It looks good, it (mostly) plays well, and it satisfies the old arcade beat-'em-up desire. If the developers fix a couple annoying glitches, it'll be a solid options for genre fans.

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Samurai Riot is a wonderful arcade game, but a mediocre to, sometimes, bad beat 'em up. The arcade experience is very strong, especially in co-op, as the studio has nailed what people want in an such a title down to the letter, with unlockable alternative styles for characters, and multiple routes for higher replay value and routing for points to figure out where it is easier to rack up a neat high score. However, the core gameplay feels too simplistic, and the background could do a much better job at making it easier to see what is breakable or not, and thus make finding health and one-ups less tedious.

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Samurai Riot has a number of novel ideas, but the repetitive levels and wonky engine undo any good will. Those who are looking for the next coming of the beat-em-up will likely be disappointed with this title.

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Samurai Riot is a passable experience. The fighting mechanics are fine, and the moral choices add something to the game, even if the story that accompanies it is rather uninteresting. The pacing, however, detracts enough from the game that unless you want to see all of the potential storylines, you'll stop playing if you can muster enough interest to finish one storyline. If you plan on playing this with a friend, then it isn't a bad purchase, but those looking for more from their beat-'em-ups can skip this one for now.

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