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DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles - Episode 1

Digital Domain
Sep 26, 2017 - HTC Vive, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR

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Critic Reviews for DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles - Episode 1

The graphics and voice acting totally put you into the world of the show, and even offers some decent gameplay, if you're new to VR. For non-fans and VR veterans there's simply not enough here to warrant a full recommendation. You'll get a fun hour or so out of the game, but it's not offering much new outside of being set in the Voltron universe.

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It would have been very easy for Digital Domain to make a low-effort Voltron knockoff, but instead Voltron VR Chronicles feels like a small slice of the show brought to life. While it is a little short, and the interactivity is somewhat basic, if you are a fan, this game is a must have. Next time, just let us form Voltron and give us sword and shield VR controls to take out the next episode's Robeast!

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Voltron VR Chronicles is an amazingly immersive way to jump into a Saturday morning cartoon, something I've only dreamed of my entire life. It's not going to provide an engaging gameplay experience for anyone looking for a challenge, but it's an innovative new way to participate in the action of a popular animated series. If they can clear up confusion about the episodic nature of the experience—not just through press releases, but in game as well—that would go a long way towards providing incentive for fans of Voltron and newcomers alike to keep an eye on DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles as future additions are announced.

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A bit on the short side and has some control issues, but the first episode of DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles honestly made me feel like I was in the middle of the TV show.

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Voltron VR Chronicle would have been far better if it was limited to being a "VR experience" rather than a VR game.

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DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles features a solid tale that's full of action.

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I would put Voltron VR Chronicles alongside Batman Arkham VR and Spider-Man Homecoming VR as it’s an experience more than a game. I personally quite enjoyed the story and it’s made me curious to see the remake of the TV Show. At $15 (UK Price TBA) it’s reasonable value for any fans of the series looking to see a new story. But, that’s the only way I would recommend it (Or if you’re looking to obtain a very easy Platinum). It’s definitely enjoyable and has been put together very nicely for VR it just lacks any real gaming content

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Sometimes games and experiences seem to go for the rush factor and then it's over with no real follow up and no real story to tell. So there should be more adventures that will allow everyone who loves Voltron and anyone who loves the opportunity to be taken away to another world and just for that time you are there, you are seeing through the eyes of the story. What Voltron VR Chronicles is what it wanted to be...what it's fans needed it to be.

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