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New Blood Interactive, David Szymanski
Oct 31, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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PC Gamer
89 / 100
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8.8 / 10
9.5 / 10
Game Revolution
4.5 / 5
80 / 100
9 / 10
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9 / 10
92 / 100
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Critic Reviews for DUSK

A obsessively tuned, finely crafted shooter that more than recreates the speed and pure joy of '90s classics.

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Fast-paced and violent action hits the ground running, but the intense horror atmosphere might turn off some

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That really explains DUSK well. This is shooter perfection and something fans of the classics need to experience. Maybe it doesn't redefine what is possible with video games, but it beats out basically every other shooter I've ever played. I know I'll be replaying this for years to come and I look forward to seeing what fans are capable of with mod tools.

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Even while calling back to a previous era, Dusk adds on top of those legacies. This is retro first-person shooter perfection, the next evolution in a genre once frozen in time. Long may it reign once again.

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Dusk is a fantastic game. I think it loses a little bit by being on the Switch as controlling such a fast character with a controller just doesn’t feel as good as it does with mouse and keyboard. Combine that with a weapon wheel that doesn’t slow time, and you can have some chaotic moments that come from annoyance as you struggle to get the weapon you want while bunny-hopping around. Still, the atmosphere, level design, and pure frenetic gameplay are more than enough to make up for these minor drawbacks. Dusk on Switch is a horrifically good time, and being able to take it on the go is worth a few compromises.

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Dusk is the kind of game I could not help but smile while I was playing it. Every level was a treat to play and the accessibility options really open it up to so many people. The attention to detail in this port is also super appreciated. It really takes advantage of the hardware while not compromising the original concept. This is a game that every fan of shooters needs to play, and I cannot recommend it enough. Get your boomer shooter pants on (or off) and buy Dusk!

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Dusk has the backwoods setting of Blood and Redneck Rampage, the forbidding atmosphere and murky palette of Quake, the tight, sharp action of Doom, and the subtle sense of place and interactivity of Duke Nukem 3D. Essentially, Dusk is a retro shooter fan's dream come true.

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It’s the closest you’ll get to that feeling of shooters from yesteryear, and you’d do yourself a disservice as a shooter fan by missing it.

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