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The Journey Down Trilogy

Sep 21, 2017 - PC

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The Journey Down: Chapter Three Official trailer thumbnail

The Journey Down: Chapter Three Official trailer

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The Journey Down Trilogy is complete!

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The Journey Down: Chapter Two - Official trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Journey Down Trilogy

The complete collection of The Journey Down provides a fun point and click adventure series that manages to have challenging but not frustrating puzzles. Bwana is a character that could become a point & click favourite, possibly on par with Manny from Grim Fandango. While the plot of The Journey Down does hit rough spots at times, especially in the third act, the series is easily recommended to those looking for a point & click adventure game to spend time on, as well as those who like puzzle games in general.

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The Journey Down's story is captivating, confounding, and lovable all at once, with its roots in real-life culture making it all the more unique. Chapter 3 especially feels engaging and exciting, though the tone of the game never strays from its intention. There are plot details that could do with some patching up, but ultimately it was a pleasure to play, and I would definitely recommend it for somebody looking for a point-and-click puzzle game that carries with it a breath of fresh air.

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Becca S.
8 / 10.0

The Journey Down is an unexpected delight. While point-and-click games can often be frustrating, The Journey Down manages to remain fun and engaging throughout. Its excellently-told story, beautiful art design and humorous characters certainly help in keeping you hooked. If you love classic point-and-click adventure games, make sure The Journey Down is on your radar.

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The Journey Down is an enjoyable adventure title that doesn't break new ground, but it doesn't need to. It's well written, has delightful art and audio, and is everything that an adventure game needs to be. The somewhat weaker first chapter drags down the experience a little, but once you get past that, The Journey Down fires on all cylinders until the end. If you grew up on LucasArts adventure titles, The Journey Down is the game for you.

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Sure, there are a few flaws here and there but for anyone who grew up on the classics from Sierra and Lucasarts, who cut their teeth on Beneath a Steel Sky or Broken Sword, or anyone who is, just now, discovering a love of graphical adventure games, The Journey Down presents the perfect opportunity to see just how fans, like you, can take what they've learned from games they love and turn them into a shining example of what this genre can offer.

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Moving forward, any developer looking to create a point-and-click adventure would do well to look at The Journey Down as an example of the genre done right.

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The Journey Down Trilogy is one of the few games in the point-and-click genre which has made its way over to modern consoles and it still looks and plays great. The game reminds you of the good old days of LucasArts, when this genre contained games with not only great writing, brilliant humour, and an interesting setting, but also unique styles, designs and atmospheres. The puzzles are fun to work through and rewarding to work out for yourself, with a mixture of standard and inventory puzzles in the mix. All of this is brought together perfectly with a great art design, unusual characters and a distinctive music score and voice acting.

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Bwana and Kito made some bad business decisions as did the publisher. They gave us a re-release for consoles for a price of a brand new indie game. The Journey Down is among the best Point & Click adventure games available for consoles, but the price is steep. Nevertheless, it's worth to get interested in the game.

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