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The Journey Down Trilogy

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Available on:PCSep 21, 2017

Developer: SkyGoblin

Genres: Interactive Story, Adventure

In a shady corner of Kingsport Bay, at the outskirts of St Armando, Bwana and his trusted sidekick Kito struggle to make ends meet at their run-down gas station. Little do they know that they are about to be thrown into a spine-tingling adventure that will take them far from home and right into a twisting plot of corruption and danger. In the first chapter of The Journey Down, the search for a lost journal leads to forgotten secrets of the mysterious Underland. Follow Bwana and Kito as they puzzle their way forward and begin to uncover the true fate of their long lost father, Captain Kaonandodo. The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga in with an Afro-Caribbean twist. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of laughs and brain-teasing adventure! FEATURES * A twisting tale of intriguing adventure * Tons of handpainted environments * An all original jazzy reggae soundtrack * A fully voiced cast * HD art and animations

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The complete collection of The Journey Down provides a fun point and click adventure series that manages to have challenging but not frustrating puzzles. Bwana is a character that could become a point & click favourite, possibly on par with Manny from Grim Fandango. While the plot of The Journey Down does hit rough spots at times, especially in the third act, the series is easily recommended to those looking for a point & click adventure game to spend time on, as well as those who like puzzle games in general.

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The Journey Down's story is captivating, confounding, and lovable all at once, with its roots in real-life culture making it all the more unique. Chapter 3 especially feels engaging and exciting, though the tone of the game never strays from its intention. There are plot details that could do with some patching up, but ultimately it was a pleasure to play, and I would definitely recommend it for somebody looking for a point-and-click puzzle game that carries with it a breath of fresh air.

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Sure, there are a few flaws here and there but for anyone who grew up on the classics from Sierra and Lucasarts, who cut their teeth on Beneath a Steel Sky or Broken Sword, or anyone who is, just now, discovering a love of graphical adventure games, The Journey Down presents the perfect opportunity to see just how fans, like you, can take what they've learned from games they love and turn them into a shining example of what this genre can offer.

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Moving forward, any developer looking to create a point-and-click adventure would do well to look at The Journey Down as an example of the genre done right.

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The Journey Down Trilogy is complete!

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