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Mushroom Wars 2

Zillion Whales
Oct 6, 2017 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is, to sum up, a remarkable game. Zillion Whales offers a different option for those who would like to enter to the strategy genre, and for the fans of it, through minimalist and excelent gameplay, absorbing multiplayer and charming aesthetics.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a challenging yet fun real-time strategy game that focuses on battles between mushroom people. The gameplay takes a minute to get used to, but once you get acclimated, you'll be killing it. Hero skills are a cool addition that can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. There are a ton of missions that will give you hours of playtime.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a fun, back-to-basics RTS that distills the core elements of the genre into one fungi-laden package. It might be too basic for hardcore players who want a lot more meat in their RTS game. For folks looking for a quick, pick-up-and-play RTS or those who want to introduce newcomers to the genre, however, this just might be well worth your truffle.

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At the end of the day, whether you played the first or not, Mushroom Wars 2 is an enjoyable RTS that is accessible to all and a cracking bit of fun to play. Multiplayer, whether local or online is a special kind of quick-paced, slap you in the face fun that balances things out in a very nice manner. Great game to pick up in short spurts, as it doesn’t have the depth to keep you invested for too long at a time. Well worth picking up if you are in the mood for some fun.

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A sumptuous feast in multiplayer, but a bit bland and monotonous when going solo, Mushroom Wars 2 is nonetheless an accessible and deep and enjoyable real-time strategy experience. There is plenty to dig into, especially if you enter the online competitive arena. Although the game does show it's mobile roots on occasion as the single-player campaign is ironically 'by the numbers', Mushroom Wars 2 is definitely a dish best served cold, and with a group of fun guys or gals.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a great handheld game with conveniently short battles. It's easy to learn, accessible and really addictive.

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The gameplay of Mushroom Wars 2 is capable, there just isn't a lot to it. Despite the game's one-hundred plus levels, there's not enough deviation to justify sitting down with it for an extended period of time. It's more suited for playing a level or two while killing a brief amount of time. And that's okay, the game was designed for mobile platforms after all. For fifteen dollars, however, you can get a much more fulfilling experience.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a simpler-than-average real-time strategy that nonetheless possesses a good bit of a depth and has potential for competitive play.

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