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Available on:PCOct 6, 2017

Publisher: Zillion Whales

Genres: Action, Strategy

Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning sequel to the critically acclaimed RTS hit built upon the core gameplay experience that made the original Mushroom Wars so enjoyable.Learning the ropes of mushroom warfare is easy with simple and intuitive controls as well as gamepad support. But the journey to become a fearsome commander requires fast reflexes, an eye for strategy, and the ability to oversee up to thousands of units at once.Once you’re confident in your skills, putting your mushroom army against other players is the best way to improve. Mushroom Wars 2 comes tournament-ready, with a league system and ranked matches that make for fierce competition. In addition replay feature, and spectator mode make it easy to enter the competitive scene. Just want to enjoy a friendly skirmish with your friends? Custom games let you try out new strategies with up to three friends in free-for-all or team-based matches. Whether you are battling enemy hordes in the the depths of the single-player campaign, or competing against your friends in various multiplayer modes, Mushroom Wars 2 provides intense, fast-paced short-session battles! FEATURES: Online Multiplayer - Ranked and custom matches in various competitive modes for up to 4 players, including 2v2 Story-Driven Campaign - Over 100 missions complete with boss battles 12 Hero Characters - From 4 different tribes with unique special skills Massive Short-Session Battles - With up to 4K troops on the battlefield Simple but Deep Gameplay - With tons of tactics and skill-based moves Variety of Map Configuration - sAnd modifiers that influence gameplay significantly Local Multiplayer - With gamepad support

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Mushroom Wars 2 is, to sum up, a remarkable game. Zillion Whales offers a different option for those who would like to enter to the strategy genre, and for the fans of it, through minimalist and excelent gameplay, absorbing multiplayer and charming aesthetics.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a challenging yet fun real-time strategy game that focuses on battles between mushroom people. The gameplay takes a minute to get used to, but once you get acclimated, you'll be killing it. Hero skills are a cool addition that can turn the tide of battle if used correctly. There are a ton of missions that will give you hours of playtime.

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A sumptuous feast in multiplayer, but a bit bland and monotonous when going solo, Mushroom Wars 2 is nonetheless an accessible and deep and enjoyable real-time strategy experience. There is plenty to dig into, especially if you enter the online competitive arena. Although the game does show it's mobile roots on occasion as the single-player campaign is ironically 'by the numbers', Mushroom Wars 2 is definitely a dish best served cold, and with a group of fun guys or gals.

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Mushroom Wars 2 is a fun, back-to-basics RTS that distills the core elements of the genre into one fungi-laden package. It might be too basic for hardcore players who want a lot more meat in their RTS game. For folks looking for a quick, pick-up-and-play RTS or those who want to introduce newcomers to the genre, however, this just might be well worth your truffle.

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