Little Nightmares - The Hideaway Reviews

Little Nightmares - The Hideaway is ranked in the 34th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
7 / 10.0
Nov 15, 2017

The Hideway is better than The Depths but it remains to be seen if the third part can shine a different light on the expansion.

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5 / 10
Jan 8, 2018

Not sure that the fragmentation of The Secrets of the Maw in such short chapters is the idea of the century for this set of DLC that dilutes its purpose as it is average in its environments.

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Nov 15, 2017

Little Nightmares remains a small pearl this year, for the tones used and for the artistic direction, but it will not be with these additional content that will fill the gaps that had already come to an end in April. The hope is that with the latest DLC there will be a chance to have a narrative construct more substance than reflection, even without disdaining the latter.

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7 / 10
Nov 16, 2017

A short and sweet dose of extra content, helped by the Nomes and the way you interact with them and catch them. Some technical issues can be annoying, but this is still a good experience that has me looking forward to the last piece of DLC.

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Adam Riley
Top Critic
8 / 10
Jan 7, 2018

The ending to Little Nightmares: The Hideaway is very creepy indeed, and looks to tie things together with the exploits of Six from the main adventure, perhaps in the next piece of DLC. For now, though, this finely crafted puzzle-platform-adventure is highly enjoyable and truly gripping and tense in places. More laidback than The Depths, though, this makes for a better experience overall as the whole atmosphere can be appreciated more. A few minor gameplay hiccoughs cannot take away from the fact this will definitely be a few quid well spent, and hopefully the wait for the next episode is not too long.

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65 / 100
Nov 10, 2017

On its own, The Hideaway is better than The Depths, but given how lackluster the first part of the expansion was, that’s not necessarily saying much. Indeed, just like The Depths, it still lacks enough punch to be a noticeable addition.

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Jan 22, 2018

If you've enjoyed the base game and The Depths DLC, you'll be entertained once again. However, if you're looking for significant new gameplay mechanics or answers for many unanswered questions, you'll be more or less disappointed.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 14, 2017

Overall the new dynamic of cooperative puzzle solving is something that slots nicely into the gameplay of Little Nightmares. The hour-long DLC explores the lives and origins of the Nomes whilst still incorporating the eerie and unsettling feel of the Little Nightmares game.

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