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Jan 5, 2018 - PC

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78 / 100
The Games Machine
7.3 / 10
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8 / 10
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7.3 / 10
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Fallen Legion+

_______________________ “Despite the obvious amount of thought present in the experience, the sheer potential is more staggering

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Fallen Legion + is a controversial game: on the one hand the excellent aesthetics and the interesting plot make it very palatable, on the other hand the taste of lost opportunity is very present.

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Fallen Legion+ is a great value for an indie game, and it also happens to be a pretty good title to boot. If you're over turn based battles and want something a little more fluid that also looks great, then this is a great investment of your time and money.

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Challenging, quick on the draw and leaning heavy on the action component, Fallen Legion+ may be unnecessarily frantic at times but it still packs in two interesting stories to great effect. A complete edition that falls just a little bit flat of truly realising its potential, Fallen Legion+ is still an ambitious title with plenty of charm.

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Fallen Legion+ is a game that has some nice ideas that could have been developed in a better way. Nonetheless, we think they still have a good potential for future chapters in the series.

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Fallen Legion tries something new for the JRPG genre and succeeds, but the new mechanics need more variation to keep it interesting when it's two full-length titles packed into one.

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Benjamin Green
7.3 / 10.0

I've played better, but also far worse than Fallen Legion+. I didn't force myself to keep playing, but at the same time now that I'm done I can't say I'm going to miss it. The combat was fast-paced, but also messy. The story has a solid framework, but it doesn't do much to draw in the player. The graphics and audio are nice, but not nice enough to make up for the other glaring issues. I'd describe it best as a "sale game." Something you get during the Steam Summer Sale when it's 50 or 75 percent off, you just got your paycheck, and you need to buy something inoffensive to satisfy the feeling that you need to jettison some cash right now. I was never offended that they would dare put this on the digital shelves, but it isn't for everyone. Not a perfect experience, but I liked it fine.

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That's pretty much Fallen Legion in a nutshell – it has its fair share of ups and downs but I still really enjoyed my time with it.

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