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Energy Invasion

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Based on 7 critic reviews
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Available on:PCJan 10, 2018
Nintendo SwitchJan 10, 2018


Genre: Arcade

Energy Invasion – an arcade game inspired by the classic video game, Breakout. Unlike the original game, your ball does not break blocks on its own, but can launch missiles in a chosen direction.

A lot of bonuses (both useful and harmful)
Bright graphical effects
Levels with dangerous enemies
Soundtrack from Nick R 61
25 levels in Invasion mode, 25 levels in Linear mode, infinity levels in Endless mode

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Energy Invasion - STEAM Trailer (1080p)

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5 / 10

Energy Invasion shows some interesting and bold design choices that challenge some core aspects of one perhaps the most static genres that is still relevant today. However, these changes are badly implemented, only adding too much unnecessary clutter that is sometimes annoyingly hard to spot due to the small size.

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8 / 10
Renan Fontes

Against all odds, Energy Invasion manages to take its almost too simple Breakout-inspired premise and spin it into something truly original and engaging. Adding the ability to fire off miniature, bouncing balls from the main ball is an ingenious addition that elevates the gameplay from just a mere homage. While there are only 50 stages between Linear and Invasion mode, the difficulty curve allows progress to feel earned, and Endless offers an unlimited amount of levels to bounce through. Along with Nick R 61's fantastic soundtrack, Energy Invasion is a surreal, and strangely addictive, evolution of the Breakout formula.

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1.5 / 10.0

Energy Invasion is a bad game. It's currently the game I hate the most out of everything I've played so far on the Nintendo Switch. Outside of maybe the music, I can't name a single aspect that I liked about it. Most importantly, I felt worse mentally after playing it and that is simply the worst.

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Planet PlayStation

6.8 / 10.0
Planet PlayStation

This game is a simplistic and challenging take on a classic arcade game. Due to the achievements in this game taking 3-4 hours maximum, I Imagine most buying this game will buy it for the achievements which in itself is a selling point. The game is fun but sadly does not have much, if any replay-ability outside of the endless mode which will only keep you occupied for so long. I do recommend buying it if you are a fan of classic arcade games or games they inspired.

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