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Thy Sword is ranked in the 17th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
6 / 10
May 18, 2020

While there are undoubtedly higher-profile roguelikes on the platforms, this is still a fun one.

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7 / 10.0
Jun 19, 2020

Thy Sword is a good platformer with many controls that need time to get familiarized with. Once you get past that, the gameplay is pretty fun. This is one to go back to once in a while.

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5 / 10
Feb 12, 2018

Thy Sword feels more like a follower than a leader in the fantasy game and roguelike space. It does not do anything bad, but it does not do anything out of the ordinary either.

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Jun 2, 2020

In building upon the foundations of predecessors, like Barbarian and Golden Axe, Thy Sword offers a pleasant throwback to the roguelike nature of arcade titles.

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Jul 23, 2020

I am far more accustomed to playing games where my character is equipped with a gun than a sword, so it’s fair to say that Thy Sword is not the typical type of game that I choose. So, was it good to get out of my comfort zone, or did I find myself longing to get back to more familiar ground?

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75 / 100
Oct 13, 2020

Thy Sword will entertain those looking for a classic game like those of 30 years ago: simple, comfortable to play, bosses and mode for two players.

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Nintendo Blast
Thiago Monte
6 / 10.0
Aug 11, 2020

Exploring Thy Sword requires only a few hours. It is a pity that the game does not have much content to offer or a more robust experience.

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7.2 / 10.0
Jun 1, 2020

Despite the short length and little replayability, Thy Sword is a charming action title that is highly recommended for those looking for a more simple experience that is nonetheless fun and rewarding.

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Jul 1, 2020

In recent years, popular culture has shifted and I have found myself being horrifyingly referred to as a “retro hipster”. Admittedly, I do collect vintage action figures and retro games consoles. I have done since I was a child in the 90’s. I collect these things because they are tiny windows into the past, little reminders of youth and imagination that I can hold in my hand. Playing through Thy Sword invoked the same feelings of nostalgia and wonder in me.

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Jul 1, 2018
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