Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Reviews

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is ranked in the 76th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
80 / 100
Mar 9, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition and the integrated Royal Pack is an enjoyable expansion

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Generación Xbox
Top Critic
7.9 / 10.0
Mar 19, 2018

The best version of Final Fantasy XV so far. Plenty of content and DLCs included to spend hundreds of hours leading Noctis and his mates to restore the kingdom of Lucis. Even it still needs to improve the story, the game feels more elaborated and well developed than one year and a half ago. Perfect chance for a second opportunity.

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8.3 / 10.0
Feb 25, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition brings a nice set of content to a two-year old experience, which includes an extended map, a new/awesome action in Armiger Unleashed, new vehicles to work with and a more open world feel to it all. Be forewarned, though, for those experiencing it for the first time you will also get the flaws that still exist from the 2016 release. The new content does help motivate the continuation of the game and does a solid job of engaging the player, far more than the initial release, but it also sprinkles in lingering thoughts of what could have been, if there had been more time and money spent with the game.

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7.5 / 10.0
Mar 8, 2018

The Royal Pack is a well-realized bundle of miscellany that refines the core Final Fantasy XV experience while reminding us that it's still an incomplete game sixteen months after launch.

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8.1 / 10.0
Mar 13, 2018

Thanks to the Royal Edition, Final Fantasy XV feels now a complete experience that includes all the expansions, as well as some new contents that are exclusive for this version. You should definitely buy it if you never had the chance to explore the world of Eos.

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8 / 10
Mar 10, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack expansion feels like a significant addition to the main game by improving its end game content, but it comes at the expense of alienating a major portion of its audience who now have to pay for it in order to get the same experience as the newcomers with Royal Edition.

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70 / 100
Mar 14, 2018

Final Fantasy XV's Royal Pack welcomes some new features. Battles with the new bosses (as well as the entire Insomnia map), the first person mode and the boat in Altissia make the package worthwhile. Unfortunately, its price doesn't justify the package.

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7.3 / 10.0
Aug 30, 2018

We know that Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition won't be the definitive edition of the game, since more DLC is scheduled. This is the most complete and most beautiful edition of the game thus far, but it's asking you to buy into a very good but still flawed experience that is slowly but surely catching up. If you truly can't wait until the real complete edition surfaces, you'll have a decent experience at the very least. Otherwise, pass on this title and wait another year. The mammoth project that is FFXV will eventually come to a satisfying conclusion.

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91 / 100
Mar 11, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is the ultimate Final Fantasy XV experience. It gives those who played the original game more than enough content to return for a second playthrough.

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9.3 / 10.0
Mar 19, 2018

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is the definitive version of the award-winning 2016 game, and its additional content, the inclusion of Season Pass and free updates makes it a great buy for those that didn't get the chance to play it on console or PC.

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9 / 10.0
Mar 17, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is one of the best RPG games in this generation in the best possible version. With the main game you will spend about 30 hours to finish the main story and nearly double that number to finish the additional tasks, you will also get many additional bonuses and DLCs that will doubles the fun. The game had some problems with its side activities and quests but I can't deny that I enjoy my game experience to the fullest. This is the best version of Final Fantasy XV ever.

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