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Golem Gates

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Mar 28, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Golem Gates

Golem Gates is a great strategy title that blends CCG and RTS elements into an enjoyable combat-heavy form, while offering a world and soundscape that I immediately fell in love with.

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Golem Gates is a clever mashup of real-time strategy and card game gameplay. Creating troops from the glyphs you draw and Ash you build up is a nice twist. Difficult situations and some potential crashes put a damper on the fun and may cause you to look elsewhere.

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With 15 story missions, a batch of time trials and a few online modes, Golem Gates has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, the online lobbies were about as lively as a can of air. If you’re a beginner to RTS or CCGs, Golem Gates might be worth a shot; however, those more experienced players to the genre may be annoyed by the lack of depth.

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Whilst Golem Gates isn't without its flaws, it does enough right that I enjoyed the what the campaign gave me.

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Golem Gates attempts to port its PC prowess over to Nintendo Switch, but it's yet another example of why RTS games just don't belong on consoles.

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Golem Gates lands on the Nintendo Switch as a proposal that merges Real Time Strategy elements with card-based strategy games and it does a very good job at it, even if it can become too easy after the player is fully invested into the game. Golem Gates also features an involving degree of strategic complexity, a carefully crafted art style and online functionalities that are more than welcome in this effort that is certain to please fans of RTS and card-based strategy games.

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Golem Gates could stand out in the indie scene . . . Unfortunately, it falls on a fundamental aspects

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Overall, fans of RTS games may get some fun out of Golem Gates, but it's hard to get around the fact that this mash-up of tactical RTS gameplay with the random nature of the deck-building element of the game leads to a watered-down tactical experience. If you're happy enough to enjoy it for what it is you'll get a decent amount of fun out of the various modes on offer, but anyone looking for a serious RTS or deck-building experience would be best sticking to either genre exclusively, rather than taking a chance on this well-meaning but misguided mishmash.

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