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The Perils of Man

IF Games
Apr 28, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Perils of Man

An extremely promising beginning is squandered in a mess of awkward puzzle design, structural dialogue oversights, and a truncated conclusion which, sadly, suggests Perils of Man simply ran out of time and money.

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Overall, The Perils of Man is a finely constructed game as every element is well thought out and executed. Sure, there are a few bugs with audio, some minor graphical glitches, and a small animation problem causing small annoyances, but they are easy to look past to enjoy the game.

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Sadly, because of the lackluster characters in Perils of Man, the game cracks under the weight of its own storytelling. What we're left with is aimlessly poking around in a room trying to find which two things go together and which inventory item will solve the puzzle to progress the game forward. When you strip away rich story from point-and-click games, you're really not left with much else. Like baking, each ingredient must be precisely mixed, or else you just end up with a really in-depth clicking simulator.

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It's been a shame to watch all of Perils of Man's promise go to waste. It got its hooks in me, made me eager to jump down the rabbit hole, but it just led to disappointment.

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For those that really enjoy the point and click genre, Perils of Man is worth a look, despite its flaws.

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A lacklustre ending and unremarkable adventure game mechanics may hold Perils of Man from reaching its full potential, but this is still a game worth checking out for anyone who likes a good time travel story with a compelling lead.

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The Perils of Man has a great premise and the story will help to keep veteran point-and-click adventurers patient enough to see it out to the end, but with too much aimless wandering around, an overreliance on collecting everything, mixing stuff together and hoping for the best, and a very clunky inventory/item combination system, most others will get frustrated early on and give in. This is definitely a case of 'great concept, not so great execution.'

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Perils of Man provides a solid point and click experience that will immerse you into this fantasy story and definitely racks up enough game time to make the small price tag worthwhile.

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