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Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 17, 2018

Publisher: Digital Kingdom

Invisiballs is a competitive local multiplayer game for two to four players. Everyone controls an invisible ball inside a maze and must capture a golden artifact to win the game. Designed entirely around a new type of gameplay set in a minimalist universe, Invisiballs is simple with a deep learning curve. Nervous and precise, Invisiballs is for players who love to play competitive games with their friends.

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With multiple updates planned for the near future this issue could soon start to be addressed so, unless you're entirely sold on the concept alone, we'd recommend holding off until these new features have landed.

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A two or three-player match can be done but it is far more of a cat and mouse game followed by quick bursts of attacks until someone gets a kill. Only when you have a full roster do you have enough going on that you begin to see a wider variety of strategies in play and the game hitting its stride. A great option if you regularly have some friends or family around to play with though.

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Invisiballs is an interesting competitive local multiplayer game. The action is intense and the competition can get really heated. It is visually interesting, and the controls are very smart and tight. There is a surprising amount of depth in the gameplay, considering how basic the game looks on its face. It isn't without its issues though, with a poor soundtrack and game breaking cheesing being possible in 2 player mode. Overall, Invisiballs is a fun game if you have a bunch of friends to play with.

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Invisiballs is an interesting and unique idea unfortunately held back by a general lack of depth, variety and content. While there’s certainly nothing quite like this on Nintendo Switch at the moment, Invisiballs feels like too basic a package to keep you hooked for much longer than a few sessions. Perhaps future updates will add some interesting new features.

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