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One Strike

Nov 3, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for One Strike

One Strike lets you take control of six different warriors as you fight to determine who is the deadliest. The simplistic yet tense gameplay will keep you on your toes. The small roster and limited variety to the modes are fun in bursts, but not for extended periods of time. That being said, One Strike is a fun fighter to pick up and play at a low cost.

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Overall, regardless of a missed block or two and too many similar modes, One Strike is a fun game to play if you have friends over and want to split the Joy Cons, or even if you have five to ten minutes to spare by yourself.

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One Strike is a truly unique, 'pure' video game. For the asking price, you get a rather fresh take on the one-on-one fighting genre and it can quickly become your go-to game when you are in need of a break between other more complex games or just need a quick burst of intensive reflex exercise. Find a group of like-minded players to play it with you and it becomes your current best, most efficient option to ruin friendships on the Switch (at least until Super Mario Party is released). Grab it without fear and then... either strike or die. There are literally no other options.

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While this helps to make the game very accessible and easy to get into, it also means One Strike suffers from a very low level of ambition and that it doesn't really try to stand out in any other way. Its characters are also designed in a way that doesn't stimulate experimenting and visually, the game would struggle against examples of generations past.

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8 / 10

One Strike is a different type of fighting game that is clever and fun on Nintendo Switch, offering something that is certainly very different from other fighters in the console. The game's great pixel look, the tight gameplay, and solid soundtrack make this one a game we definitely recommend that you check out.

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One Strike is mildly fun, but woefully ill equipped to provide any long term value.

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Unknown Author

One Strike is a different type of fighter with a clever gameplay hook, a solid pixeltastic art style and a great soundtrack that, when brought together, make it easy for me to recommend this quite unique release. Be sure to check it out on Nintendo Switch!

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This is absolutely one of those games where I have to question who the target audience was meant to be. There’s no doubt it is friendly to newcomers since there’s very little to understand, but as an introduction to the fighting game genre it would also seem amazingly boring. It could be argued hardcore fighting fans could get a kick out of it, finding ways to eke out every bit of technique possible… but with no ability to be down and turn the tide or anything else exciting that is normally associated with competitive fighting games I can’t see that being likely either. Moreso than almost any other title I’ve reviewed One Strike simply is what it is… and that’s a one-dimensional, bare bones fighting game that offers little to thoroughly enjoy.

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