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Jun 27, 2018 - PC
Mighty Man

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IGN Spain
7 / 10
85 / 100
4.1 / 5
The Digital Fix
9 / 10
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8 / 10
9 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Youropa

Youropa is a contemporary platform game with strong puzzle and adventure elements for gamers and creative souls of all ages. We definitely love the design of their puzzles, but the control is too rough to enjoy them 100%.

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Youropa is a fantastic puzzle-platformer that constantly evolves. The puzzles keep getting bigger and better as they throw new twists at you. While some of the vehicle sections are a bore and the Onesiders don't feel like a threat, it doesn't detract from the overall experience too much. The game also features one of my favorite protagonists since they are just so fun to decorate. While the game may fumble in a few places, the overall experience is great and enjoyable, even if they make me kick dogs.

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Anti-gravity and a fractured cityscape... sure why not?

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Youropa combines implicit instruction with honed design to create a pleasant, intuitive and fun test of a player's perspective and deductive skills.

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Youropa is an original puzzle platformer that plays with space and perception, and delivers a fun experience. The control system shows some flaws from time to time, and some more explanation about narrative and gameplay would've been nice.

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Youropa is a unique puzzle game in how its puzzles are approached, and how it wants the player to approach them.

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Youropa turns the world of puzzle-platformers upside down and will make you tilt your head sideways in awe throughout the experience.

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Youropa is a fantastic puzzle platformer that is fresh, unique, and delightfully challenging from beginning to end. It constantly throws in new mechanics and upgrades, while still making sure players have mastered each one before moving onto the next and making things more complicated. Its dreamlike atmosphere is inviting, and although the game isn't long, if you don't plan on going for collectibles or using the level editor, every minute of it is a joy to play.

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