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Ratloop Games Canada
Aug 14, 2018 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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VROOM KABOOM!!! - Launch Trailer

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*VROOM KABOOM* - Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for VROOM KABOOM

Vroom Kaboom has a great core concept, but doesn't do anywhere near enough with it. If you want to see what this game is all about then get the free version and think of it like a demo. Just keep in mind that the chances are you are going to find the experience as flimsy as a Vespa in the face of Tank.

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With that, we're back where we started. VROOM KABOOM has big ideas, but I don't think it's a matter of execution. I think these ideas are just disparate enough that it makes putting them together naturally problematic. It's sort of like the opposite of peanut butter and chocolate. Putting a gun on a car is a pretty good idea, but trying to drive three cars while managing a card deck, paying attention to what the opponent is doing, and accomplishing objectives is just too much. I would happily play a Mad Max-inspired tower defense, or a competitive, on-rails car combat game, but both at the same time is not a great fit.

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Vroom Kaboom brings a lot of raw energy and fast action to those that want it. The rounds are similar to jousting: they don't last very long, but there is a lot of action to be had. A precise aim is going to make a world of difference, but there are few levels of complexity beyond simply shooting at your opponents. There is some level of strategy involved in determining the most suitable vehicles to put in your deck, but the focus is primarily on the tactical element of making sure you kill their tanks before they kills yours. Whether this is good or bad is purely a matter of taste.

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Mixing genres usually results in interesting gaming experiences yet Vroom Kaboom is a bit too mixed up to be enjoyable.

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Players looking for a unique strategy game might find some fun here. Certain audiences might even be drawn in by the destructive factor. For VR users, it's a severely limited, but interesting experience. For non-VR players though, aside from tower rush fans, or those looking for some sort of strategy game, Vroom Kaboom is better left forgotten.

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Vroom Kaboom had a winning formula and its eclectic mixture of deck building, tower defence and vehicular mayhem sounded like something out of an adrenaline junky's dream journal. But the game falls short in almost every category and proves that if you want to be everything, you'll just end up being nothing.

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Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend this game to everyone. Though I had issues with it, this game may hit a niche of gamers that fall in love with it. Trying to do everything at once was overwhelming and it sucked the fun out of the game.

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