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Lamplight City

Grundislav Games, Application Systems Heidelberg
Sep 13, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Lamplight City

Lamplight City is a detective adventure with a lot of good ideas, but it executes them with too light a touch.

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Lamplight City offers an intriguing set of mysteries and stands as a great throwback to titles like Monkey Island and Sierra's Gabriel Knight series. The cases aren't especially taxing, but the well-realized setting and characters add plenty of flavor and help the game feel like something more than the sum of its parts. Fans of classic adventure games should definitely give Lamplight City a look.

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Lamplight City is the rare detective game where the mysteries are challenging to solve and satisfying to do so.

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Trusted Reviews

Lamplight City is a satisfying, point-and-click adventure, which tells a compelling detective story. While there are some issues that clearly take away from the overall experience, I was genuinely surprised by how much it gets right.

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Do you want to feel like a detective? Do other games keep giving you ‘all-seeing vision'? Do you wish you could actually solve problems on your own (more-or-less)? Look no further.

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A great Sierra-style mystery game. Very enjoyable despite the lack of some major point-and-click gameplay features.

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In sum, Lamplight City is a bit of a departure from a typical point and click adventure, but it more than holds its own. While a little bit light in terms of gameplay and difficulty, it's well compensated for with good characters, stories, multiple endings per mystery, and a fine presentation. Any fan of the genre or a good mystery should give this a serious look.

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Lamplight City is an atmospheric murder-mystery which provides plenty of intriguing plot twists, all delivered by a talented voice cast.

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