Dark Eclipse

Sep 25, 2018 - PlayStation VR

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IGN Italy
7.1 / 10
Gaming Nexus
8.5 / 10
5 / 10
PlayStation LifeStyle
8 / 10
Digital Chumps
8 / 10
Planet PlayStation
8 / 10
8 / 10
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Dark Eclipse Media

DARK ECLIPSE Trailer - PlayStation Experience 2017 | PS VR thumbnail

DARK ECLIPSE Trailer - PlayStation Experience 2017 | PS VR

DARK ECLIPSE - Tokyo Game Show 2017 Trailer thumbnail

DARK ECLIPSE - Tokyo Game Show 2017 Trailer

Critic Reviews for Dark Eclipse

A good free-to-play MOBA for PS4 and e really good VR game.

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Dark Eclipse is inarguably difficult to learn, but once you are over that hump the game is simply spectacular. Just because you don't understand everything right out of the gate doesn't mean that deep and thoughtful design isn't present. There is real depth of strategy here, and the fun visuals are just the icing on the cake. I'm hoping that the audience that has currently found Dark Eclipse sticks with it (and continues to grow), because this is a great game that deserves to thrive.

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If we can respect the will to propose something new, Dark Eclipse does not seem deep enough and satisfying to popularize the MOBA genre on PSVR, anyway, a kind of games not very suitable for virtual reality.

Review in French | Read full review

Dark Eclipse has a good foundation, with a good outlook for the future. New players to the genre may struggle at first, given the extra-light tutorial that expects players to figure out mechanics on their own, without so much as a codex to read about the five different tower types. Since online is a ghost town, the only real option for practicing is to play against AI, or in an online-only match against a friend. You can't beat its free price, however, so all PSVR players should at least give Dark Eclipse a shot to see if it's their cup of MOBA and to help populate the servers.

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The idea of a PSVR MOBA game seemed unnecessary, but Sunsoft executed it without a hitch with Dark Eclipse. They made a case for how to do MOBA correctly in VR, as well as how to make MOBA fun in the medium. If they can populate it with more players, then the experience would be even better. Otherwise, you're going to be getting a single-player experience that taunts you with the idea of multiplayer fun.

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PlayStation exclusive title Dark Eclipse serves as proof that even the MOBA subgenre can work in virtual reality to some extent. Sunsoft hinted at a new possible direction and now it should up to another developers to fully flesh out this idea.

Review in Slovak | Read full review

Dark Eclipse is a fairly barebones title. There’s no story, and it’s not much to look at. However, the gameplay, view and control style give it a board game feel that I’m a bit hooked on. Even if you’re not competitive enough for ranked mode, or, like me, just generally don’t like MOBAs, this is a game that you can hop on with a friend and have a good time. The microtransactions are fairly standard, especially in this type or game, but they don’t seem overpriced. If you enjoy the game enough, buying characters could be beneficial to you. If not, the free rotation Leaders are always there, and the game is free, so anyone with PlayStation VR can play. If you’re a fan of MOBAs, RTS, or just want to scratch that board game itch with a friend, Dark Eclipse is a fun, addictive, just one more go kind of game.

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I really enjoyed my experience with Dark Eclipse and if you’re sitting on a PSVR and are looking to put it to some use, then why not? It’s a small download, it’s fun and it’s free with some really interesting potential to grow.

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