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Debris Infinity

SVC Games
Sep 25, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Debris Infinity for Nintendo Switch trailer (ESRB)

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Debris Infinity - Multiplayer Trailer

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Debris Infinity (Teaser Trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Debris Infinity

Debris Infinity draws direct inspiration from the most popular 1980s 2D arcade shooters to deliver a fun and intuitive experience, along with an enjoyable multiplayer component, topped by its online leaderboards that get updated in real time. It will take more than this, however, to convince players that want more than a simple high score challenge, but fans of the simple gameplay that Debris Infinity recreates will find plenty of reasons to enjoy this title.

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Although Debris Infinity is very well designed, it does lack depth and longevity. Learning the enemy waves and mastering your approach towards them extends the fun, but to no real purpose other than leaderboard bragging rights. As such, after just a session or two I was always ready to move on to something else. That amounts to less than 10 minutes of game time, which is pretty short even in this age of mobile gaming. But at only $5.00, Debris Infinity will continue to scratch that arcade itch for as long as you're willing to let it.

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Although Debris Infinity lacks originality and creativity, it's still a competently made game with solid controls, addicting gameplay and high replay value.

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Debris Infinity does a very good job of being a pure arcade shooter. The shooting is thoughtful, since you're trying to balance abilities with quickly shooting enemies. The number of foes on-screen at any time makes the game difficult but not impossible, and the presence of both leaderboards and co-op for every mode provides a real incentive for another run, no matter how many times you've already died. Debris Infinity is a well-done pick-up-and-play shooter with a low $5 asking price, so it's easy to recommend for the Switch.

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A great little twin-stick shooter that wears its inspiration on its sleeves but backs it up with challenging wave based fun that might easily become an addiction as you try to work your way up the leaderboards.

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As a Geometry Wars clone, Debris Infinity offers some welcome gameplay wrinkles but it doesn't quite live up to the classic.

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For its budget price Debris Infinity is an incredible deal of an arcade-style space shooter, mixing some classic elements of Asteroids with modern sensibilities and polished presentation. Much more than the Geometry Wars clone people could suspect at a quick glance, it stands apart with its own rules, flow, and challenging play. See you on the global leaderboards!

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Debris Infinity is an arcade title that will appeal to any fan of the genre for its well-designed mechanics, its level of challenge and its proposal of personal improvement and improvement in the world ranking. With fast and very dynamic games it is without any doubt, a game that every lover of this type of proposals should have in the Nintendo system.

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