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Available on:PlayStation VROct 5, 2018

Publisher: Perpetual

Genre: Action

Smash hit plunder is a PlayStation VR tear-it-up set in castle carvasso, a medieval castle sprinkled with ghostly inhabitants. It sends a young Mage recently returned from Magic school delivering into their family's fraught past. While the Mage was away learning the difference between dark and light Magic, the family squandered away their large Fortune and rapidly lost their home to mordred, a sneaky, spiritual debt collector. Now it's up to the player to find enough hidden treasure in the castle and its grounds to pay off the debt and win back their own home. Move through the castle creating as much havoc as possible using the mage's special Wand Magic in a desperate bid to unlock the family home -- but look out for other-worldly ancestors!. - Full VR support - Full campaign - 2 player co-op - 2-4 player vs

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Despite its inherent flaws and strange design choices, it's not by any means a bad game. It's just really not a very good one, either. You can have some fun with it, and it might even be a good way to introduce new people to VR. But at the end of the day Smash Hit Plunder feels more like a tech demo stretched out into a full game, without adding anything in to justify that decision. And that makes me more ill than any motion sickness ever could.

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So the game has charm, looks cool, and sets up a fairly interesting narrative to drive you to pay off the castle debt but then you start playing. The first five or ten minutes are fun as you pick up objects and throw or break them to see if they are hiding any treasure. Any discovered treasure you pick up to pay off your debt when you return to the castle base room. And that’s it.

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There might be a fun game hidden in the halls and dungeons of Smash Hit Plunder, and the core mechanic is satisfying. But attempting to crash through the barrier caused by the difficult control scheme to reach the entertaining parts of Smash Hit Plunder ultimately feels a bit like a cauldron to the head.

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Don't get me wrong. Smash Hit Plunder is an extremely entertaining game. However, if you're playing the game in single-player exclusively, expect to get burned out rather swiftly. Unfortunately, aside from keeping onlookers busy, the social screen mechanics don't deliver much more than an interactive distraction until they get their next turn under the visor. While I can guarantee that everyone will get some enjoyment from this rambunctious romp, depending upon how you consume the game, your mileage may vary.

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