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General Information

Available on:PC2019

Developer: MrCiastku

Publisher: Fat Dog Games

Genres: Horror, Adventure

First-person survival horror with ghosts, demons and Ouija board. Set in a fictional, haunted American forest, Green Creek. RECORD THE DEAD, STAY ALIVE During the night in the forest, you fight for more evidence of the existence of ghosts and for your own life. Speak with the dead with a Ouija board. Use your camera and audio recorder to register them, putting yourself in dire risk. There’s no defense against the ghosts or demons other than hiding. CHOOSE YOUR GEAR The more traces of ghosts you record, the more points you earn. Use them to upgrade your gear and access new places. But you have to get out alive to keep them.

Apparition Critic Reviews

Apparition is a horror game that quickly deflates as the gameplay becomes repetitive and the threats become rudimentary

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Apparition is a clever game with some fantastic atmospheric elements and would be a great addition to any gamers library if you like being scared shitless.

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Apparition is yet another example of a game being good in concept but bad in execution. I truly wanted to like this game. There are some really neat concepts, the ouiji board is fun to play around with, and the idea of only being able to bring along certain pieces of equipment could make for a grand, albeit nerve-wracking, time. Unfortunately, instead of the game that Apparition could have been, we got what essentially amounts to a slightly more developed Slenderman clone. The moral of the story: don’t’ ever assume that a game will be good just because it sounds like it should be.

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A repetitive survival horror game.

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