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Available on:PCMar 2, 2018

Developer: Squidlit Ink.

Genres: Action, Adventure

Are you ready for an invertebratey adventure? Do you have the gumption to take on a mighty quest for the good of oodles of squidlits everywhere? If so, many trials await you as you squrp your way to victory in the squishiest of escapades! The mechanics are simple! After jumping, jump again to ink downwards on the enemies you encounter as you blip and squip along your merry way! Can you stop Skwit Skwot before it’s too late? Squidlit does everything it can to be as accurate to Game Boy hardware as possible, including: No more than 10 8-pixel wide sprites in a line. No more than 40 sprites at any time. Four sound channels that are shared between “voices” of music and the sound effects. All sounds were made on a real Game Boy (using LSDJ). 160 x 144 pixel resolution. And a whopping 4 shades of... “grellow”.

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While the length will no doubt be a problem for those hankering for the Game Boy platformer days, Squidlit does enough with what's given to create a lovely homage to the beloved handheld games of the 90s, featuring a charming personality and fun presentation.

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Squidlit is overly simplistic by design, which somewhat works against it. Those that don't mind a short adventure will enjoy inking their way through its whimsical world, but those looking for something meatier might be disappointed.

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The gameplay is incredibly simple and the controls are sound, but the incredibly short length and lack of challenge make this a fish you’ll want to throw back in the ocean.

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Considering the tight controls, the great soundtrack, and the outstandingly faithful recreation to the hardware, this came as quite a surprise to me, considering how it originally seemed like Squidlit was just trying to ape the style of Mr. Tako. In the end though, I found myself vastly preferring this squid platformer over that one, and while both are solid platformers, this one’s shorter length and simplistic, fun platforming makes this a must-have for the $2 pricepoint, as the game manages to make a name for itself and stand out on its own.

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