Awesome Pea

PigeonDev, Sometimes You

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Awesome Pea

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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 15, 2019
Xbox OneMar 1, 2019
PCSep 19, 2018
Nintendo SwitchMar 1, 2019

Developers: Sometimes You, PigeonDev

Genre: Platformer

Help the greedy Pea make his way through a string of levels filled with deadly traps and cute (but dangerous) enemies and collect all the coins he can reach!

Welcome to the Awesome Islands World!

Awesome Pea is a classic run-and-jump platformer, where you must jump through many challenging levels and help the greedy Pea, who is ready to undergo any trials for the sake of gold. Dangerous dungeons, deceptively beautiful nature, hidden deadly traps, and many MANY coins await you!

What you will definitely find in this game:
- Stylish pixel graphics inspired by Game Boy games
- 30 different levels
- Stunning retro soundtrack
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Nintendo Life

5 / 10
Nintendo Life

A precise, challenging, laser-focused platformer that lacks the joyful sense of movement, ingenuity and sheer generosity of its inspiration. Awesome Pea might emulate the look and feel of the Game Boy classics, but it lacks their soul.

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4.5 / 10.0

There is definitely a pea, but I’m not sure about the “awesome” part.

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The Nintendo Nomad

5 / 10.0
The Nintendo Nomad

Average GameBoy-Style Platformer

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