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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 21, 2019

Developer: Pathos Interactive

Publisher: 2tainment GmbH

Genre: Strategy

Bannermen is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the semi-fantasy medieval realm of Valtoria. While staying true to its roots, Bannermen takes the best elements from the genre and adds its own unique flair to it. GAMEMODES Singleplayer Campaign; take on the role of a fallen lord on his journey back to become one of the mightiest in the realm. AI Skirmish; battle it out with an AI and fight for humanity. Ranked Matches; climb the online ladder either alone or as a duo to prove who is the best commander. Unranked Matches; try out new strategies or take it easy while still finding online matches easily. Custom Games; choose your own team composition and map with up to 8 players. STORY Having suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Beckron, you, Lord Berrian must now regain former bannermen that have surrendered to Lord Karthor. The days of chasing glory are over, as terror spreads and forces ever greater sacrifices to hold Lord Karthor’s men at bay. Without a home and much time to spare, you must travel the vast lands of Valtoria to obtain supplies and convert soldiers to your righteous cause. GAMEPLAY With a strong focus on unit control, battling for map control and performing well in enemy encounters are vital. Take manual control over each unit and use its abilities wisely. To become a successful commander, you also need to manage your resources well and establish your bases strategically. Each map has unique nature powers, which are spells that can be cast to cause your enemy tremendous damage. Unlocking these nature powers is a constant struggle as you have to build and defend temples, which can only be erected in holy spots that are located on strategic positions on each map. Other than this, you also have a hero unit under your command, which can be levelled up to become stronger and unlock powerful spells. Besides online matches and custom games, Bannermen features a full-length singleplayer campaign, that lets you dive into the realm of Valtoria as its hero. Command troops, free prisoners, infiltrate strongholds, manage resources and construct buildings in order to achieve victory in the great war. Learn to fight in many vastly different environments; use sandstorms to hide your advance, set up traps against incoming attacks or why not blow up your enemies with an explosive barrel? With creativity, you must use your surroundings to gain an advantage.

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For now, I’d steer clear of it—unless you don’t mind a shallower RTS experience. But, if you’re going into Bannermen expecting the next Starcraft, Age of Empires, or Warcraft 3… well, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

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Overall, Bannermen is a good RTS game. It is intuitive and easy to jump into and the campaign is satisfying. The storyline is engaging enough, and Lord Berrian is enough to make any gamer girl swoon.

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Bannermen is the ideal choice for those in search for a pretty straightforward RTS, even if the game might seem a bit vintage in its gameplay and technical aspects.

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Bogdan Robert Mateș
4 / 10.0

Bannermen's appreciation of genre greats can be easily seen through the cracks in its shoddy construction. However, in between a single faction with a small, uninspired roster, bland story and writing, and very few options in terms of tactics and strategy, it's tough to recommend. As rooted as it is in the genre's past, it's nowhere close to mastering what made RTS titles of yore great, ultimately being just a flimsy, soulless imitator.

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