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General Information

Available on:PCOct 17, 2016
Nintendo SwitchApr 10, 2019

Developer: Matt Glanville

Calling all pilots: Earth is under alien attack! Your assistance is required! No experience necessary. ONE BUTTON: Piloting an advanced star fighter with just one button is simple: you switch, you shoot. Every shot fired changes your direction, and mastering this is the key to becoming a legend among the stars. Timing is everything! QUICK. SIMPLE. CHALLENGING: Don't underestimate its simplicity; this game tests your reflexes like no other! And while your ship might become stardust in a matter of seconds, you can instantly jump back in for "just one more go". RETRO ARCADE FEEL: A love letter to arcade classics with crunchy pixel art, chiptune soundtrack, authentic cabinet artwork and compulsive gameplay. Only now you don't need a stack of coins to stand a chance at getting a High Score. COLOUR PALETTES: Unlock 64 palettes that completely change the look of everything in the game. Choose from 8-bit favourites or create your own! PORTRAIT MODE: At the touch of a button your screen rotates into portrait mode (a.k.a. TATE Mode) for a truly authentic arcade experience. The game supports a wide range of controller setups so how you play is up to you.

Switch ‘N' Shoot Critic Reviews

Switch 'N' Shoot is a fun little arcade shooter that speaks the language of "one more go!" While it's limited in its content, this micro-sized game will appeal to the high score arcade junkies out there.

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Switch 'N' Shoot is the perfect example of an enjoyable bite-sized game as you'll have a lot of fun with it but only in short bursts.

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So with that out of the way, I do think this is something every switch owner should have in their library. It’s very pick up and play, it’s great for a quick session, or wasting the day away. It’s a great travel game and fun for even pass-and-play with friends or family. If you’re looking for a great title to keep on your Switch home screen, you can’t go wrong with Switch ‘N’ Shoot.

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While it works perfectly fine and I think this will be a game I’ll revisit like I do with the many Arcade Archives titles to improve my score, I do think the randomized names, the lack of saving custom palettes and lack of online leaderboards do hold this back a bit from being as great as it could have been.

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Switch 'N' Shoot - coming to Nintendo Switch - 10th April 2019! thumbnail

Switch 'N' Shoot - coming to Nintendo Switch - 10th April 2019!

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Switch 'N' Shoot - Launch Trailer (PC)

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Switch 'N' Shoot - Gameplay Trailer


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