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Apr 5, 2019 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Supraland

What Supraland lacks in production value, it more than makes up for with fantastic puzzle and level design

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Steve C
9 / 10

Supraland is an absolute joy to play and deserves to do well on consoles. Don't judge this book by its cover and expect a simplistic kid's game, because Supraland is a magnificent fusion of gaming's most legendary series, all wrapped up in a narrative and aesthetic that skewers some of mainstream gaming's worst excesses. Not all the jokes land, some of the puzzles may have you searching for hints, but you owe it to yourself to drop the dreary space marines and depressing post-apocalyptic worlds and surrender to the colourful wonders of Supraland.

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Published by Humble Games, Supraland is simply one of the best sandbox games I’ve ever played. It perfectly embodies the term, letting players define their experience. The only shortcomings in this title are some generic and lackluster character and item designs, but that’s a nitpick when stacked against everything Supraland has to offer. The gameplay feels like a love letter to a laundry list of classic games, doing justice to all of them. Supraland is a must-play game for fans of the open world.

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Supraland is a delight with a world that is brimming with secrets to discover. It is slightly too long and does have combat that feels largely superfluous, but the puzzles are consistently inventive and fun.

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While there is clear potential in Supraland, the game suffers from an identity crisis. The whimsical setting and level design show potential, but the control problems, lack of direction in puzzles and odd narrative undertones make this a disappointing package. Look elsewhere for a more enjoyable game that will make one think outside of the (sand)box.

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If I come off angry it’s because clearly the developers of Supraland know how to make a great game, but I grew so tired of the more obtuse puzzles that I got to the volcano and quit. It just wasn’t fun anymore. In conclusion it’s the puzzles being such a big focus of this game but seemingly such a small focus of the development that I can’t recommend this game. Sure, others might get a kick out of it, but to me it doesn’t work as a puzzle game, the combat isn’t there enough to really comment on outside of it being okay, and the exploration is hampered by the puzzles so ultimately Supraland is a puzzle game that doesn’t really work. When the puzzles are good they still aren’t great, and that’s unfortunate.

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Supraland is a charming and impressive action-puzzle game that pulls inspiration from Zelda, Metroid, and Portal.

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Supraland is a wonderful indie title that shows that a developer really can achieve anything with the right idea and creativity.

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