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Available on:PCJun 26, 2019

Developer: RocketPunch Games

Genre: Action

EXCITING, FAST-PACED MECHA BATTLE Two major game modes: Local/Online Multiplayer Battle and Singleplayer Campaign In Multiplayer mode, choose your favorite mecha, showcase your amazing free style combo moves, experience the fast-paced hardcore competitive battle of steel, or choose to play a round of “friendly” chaos free-for-all. The Campaign mode offers rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes for an immersive experience. As a professional mercenary, you are gradually caught in between a conspiracy of insurgency during the missions. In the face of the enemy with all intentions and the continuous battles, you start to think what you are fighting for in this overwhelming warfare. STUNNING HIGHLY POLISHED 2D ANIMATIONS The detailed skeletal animation with a unique impression of power will fully showcase the characteristics of each mecha. The smooth and natural movements have also laid a good foundation for the fine handling experience. Natural 2D rotating animation, the use of visual deception like dislocation and timely switched elements have brought out a visual effect like 3D artwork. FAST-PACE GAMEPLAY MECHANISM No in-game preset combo moves, no need to cram up combo moves table. The player will have full control over how to maneuver and shoot. Each player can come up with their own amazing styles. VARIOUS MECHAS American style, Japanese style, Super style, Realistic style, there are dozens of mechas of all kinds of styles available. Each mecha has its own unique tactical value, only the player who has completely grasped the features of each mecha can fully bring out their maximum combat effectiveness. What type of Mecha is the best? Prove it with your hands in PVP mode! CHALLENGE AGAINST MECHA WITH MORTAL FLESH The pilot can be controlled to eject from the mecha and work alone in critical moment with proper strategy, it will absolutely be a force on the battlefield that cannot be underestimated. 4 TIMES FUN Apart from online PVP battles, this game also enables users to play against each other with local split-screen. Single purchase, 4 times of fun! WELL-POLISHED VIVID MECHA WORLD The campaign mode includes 8 chapters and 18 levels in total. As the story develops, you will encounter more than 50 types of enemy mechas with various designs and details in all kinds of scenes like mineshaft, underwater, urban, and space. Some levels even allow you to exit the mecha and infiltrate behind enemy line. Of course, you won't just have one single personal ride, you may develop and customize various new gears and focus accessory in between the missions. SEAMLESS STORY IMMERSION The unique animations with the seamless transition between the 2D platform game scenes have a total duration of 40 minutes, the full-length voice acting provides a unique immersive storytelling experience.


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Hardcore Mecha doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it is extremely enjoyable. While having Japanese-only VO could cause you to miss dialogue in heavy action sequences, you might be having too much fun flying around shooting things to even notice.

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The campaign alone is worth playing, but Hardcore Mecha's extras give the package a real boost.

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Hardcore Mecha won’t be for everyone.

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Hardcore Mecha is a superb 2D side-scrolling adventure that marries some spectacularly OTT anime storytelling with explosively satisfying robot combat. There's a surprisingly meaty story here set across eighteen wonderfully varied levels with plenty of depth to RPG elements allowing you to customise your mech's attack and defence capabilities. An unlockable survival mode, online PvP, local multiplayer and mission rankings also add plenty of replayability to proceedings. It's a shame that this Switch port has some framerate issues that can see intense battles stutter, however, if RocketPunch can rectify this with a patch pretty sharpish you can feel free to add a point or two to the score below.

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