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Supermarket Shriek

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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneJun 9, 2019
PCJun 9, 2019

Developer: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd

Genre: Arcade

Join our unlikely duo in this unique (shopping) kart racer as they traverse precarious obstacles and complete deadly challenges inside a range of shops, boutiques and supermarkets. Set in a near future dystopian alternate reality universe world (probably) our heroes must go on a journey to discover something deep within themselves and ultimately save save SAVE! On 3 for 2 items in the canned food isle, while stocks last (Ts and Cs apply). Propel our heroes using their wild, incomprehensible screams! Embark on this adventure solo or enlist the help of a friend for a co-op experience like no other. But wait, there’s more! Are your thumbs tired from all your evenings l33t gaming pawning n00bs? Why not dust off two of those old USB microphones you’ve had since the music rhythm game boom of 2007 and try our “Duet” co-op mode? Harmonise and avoid being pulverised in a mode that will have your neighbours talking!

Supermarket Shriek Reviews

One of the weirdest concepts for a videogame I have ever seen, but it somehow works. While the later levels can get infuriatingly challenging compared to the earlier ones, Supermarket Shriek has a great selection of game modes, a hilarious visual style, and excellent level design that had me consistently applauding the developer.

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Although it features simple gameplay at its core, Supermarket Shriek offers tons of rewarding challenges that are great fun to master.

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Supermarket Shriek (KFG Showcase Trailer)

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