Bouncy Bullets

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George Kruger III

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80 / 100
Aug 15, 2019

Bouncy Bullets can seem a bit easy if you're not looking to three-star every level, but it presents a nice challenge for those who are willing to put in a bit of time and effort. The game is short, but that may be to its advantage as that difficulty can easily turn some people off in large quantities.

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5.5 / 10.0
Aug 7, 2019

Bouncy Bullets really isn't a good game, but when I changed my style of play I did find a bit of fun. As a speedrunner I don't think it's satisfying trying to master these levels, but there are some possibilities beneath the surface for those willing to look. Yet, it still feels amateurish in ways. With subpar controls, I'd take a pass until a patch or sale, even with the low price.

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5 / 10
Apr 7, 2020

Bouncy Bullets is fun in short-bursts but it won't last any longer than a couple of hours and it probably won't be an experience worth going back to after the initial run, due to its lack of depth.

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50 / 100
Nov 3, 2021

Bouncy Bullets 2 is a strange one for me, because it comes off as lesser than its predecessor in just about every way. There are less levels, less colors, and seemingly less things to do. It is not a bad game, as the shooting feels good and is pretty solid, but it is hard to neglect the difficult platforming, especially with the slippery mechanics and some times harder levels are just throwing more stuff at you instead of creating a more challenging set up.

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4.2 / 10.0
Aug 16, 2019

A bland title, without any grace, repetitive and without any complexity.

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40 / 100
Aug 28, 2019

Bouncy Bullets is a rather uninspired obstacle platform, with a highly upgradeable graphic section and a control that is more of a problem than a help. Short, easy and repetitive, although it fulfills its purpose of entertaining, at least during the few hours it lasts.

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6.1 / 10.0
Jul 12, 2019

Bouncy Bullets is quite simple platformer published by Ratalaika for consoles. It's cheap and easy Gamerscore, trophies and achievements. It's not that good game, though one can appreciate gameplay that requires good timing and finishing all the levels without stopping.

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4 / 10
Aug 4, 2019

Bouncy Bullets is one of Petite Games’ better concepts but it’s a game that doesn’t make full use of its potential with its design. It’s a colourful game with an excellent soundtrack but the frame rate issues when using bounce pads, the thicker than custard AI and the shortness to the game relegate this to yet more Trophy Hunter fodder and little else. A real shame.

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