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Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s

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Game Information

Available on:PCJan 17, 2019
Nintendo SwitchAug 28, 2019

Developer: Ascension Dream

Genres: Puzzle, Adventure

Share a heart-to-heart talk, watch a movie together, take a bath, remove a computer virus, help a girl in a tough spot and—if you're lucky—find the love of your life using the color and pattern of her panties. Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s is an adventure game with point-n-click elements (with a risk of swift loss) that tells the story about a guy looking for love renovated in a nostalgic 80s and 90s anime style.

Kenji Kojima, a young and able enthusiast, leaves his home province to attend university in the capital. Without the help of his parents, it’s difficult to live and study, so he begins learning different occupations until he eventually becomes a true handyman. However, academic qualifications aren’t his priority in life—it’s finding true love! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. To his aid have come the most unexpected of all things: Panties! Kenji has learned how to identify a girl's personality by her underwear and he’ll meet four girls on his way: a playful sweetheart, a pretty tomboy, a shy introvert and an icy beauty. Can he eventually find his true love?


Nostalgic and unique 80s and 90s anime-like style

Animated backgrounds and female character faces

Original soundtrack created with the help of an old synthesizer

English voicing

18 panties for your collection

A variety of unforeseeable endings. Be careful!

9 Extra Scenes disclosing the heroines' past

8 Erotic Pictures with hot girls

We very carefully approached the realization of this style. Our game is supposed to give you this wonderful feeling of pure and undisturbed romance and to dip you into this beautiful nostalgic era.
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Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s - Trailer

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Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded

If the developers bring a lot more focus Pantsu Hunter, and more carefully consider how to make the various gameplay and narrative elements fit together, this could yet become something special.

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4.5 / 10.0

Even that weird cursed chair was pretty funny to see explained after the fact; I just wish it wasn't so intrinsically linked to some really frustrating and boring puzzles. If Pantsu Hunter had fully committed to being a visual novel like its final chapter instead, I'd probably like it a lot more. Unfortunately as it is, it relies too much on extending its runtime through cheap instant death puzzles without clear solutions to make me feel like I could appreciate the few things it does right.

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Killa Penguin

Jake Arias

Pantsu Hunter is a game centered around a guy looking for romance and trying to find a partner based on his belief that women’s underwear best summarizes their personalities. Whatever you expect based on that description, however, is likely to be completely different than what you’ll actually get; there’s undeniably a perverted panty-snatching element here, and yet characters who initially appear skin-deep wind up with sympathetic backstories that explain everything from their quirks to why furniture has the odd habit of killing you instantly.

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3 / 10
Kelsy Polnik

It has taken no lessons from its contemporaries, instead choosing to glimmer briefly with its retro anime art style, which is superficially propped up by an asinine story full of senseless characters.

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