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General Information

Available on:PCOct 4, 2019

Developer: Next Game Level

Genre: Action

REMOTE LIFE is a 2D Side scrolling space shooter for PC (Shmup) that can be played with Gamepad (Twin Stick), or with Keyboard & Mouse. The Graphics are huge 3D pre-rendered sprites and are gorgeously animated. It is full of cool menacing Monsters. The backgrounds look fantastic and fit perfectly to the Alien world. The Bosses look so infinity creepy and scary that the cg-artist had to design them with closed eyes ;). There are an immense number of weapons. You are surrounded by such a Brutal-Frenetic-Sci-Fi-Techno-Alien World that is so brilliantly credible that you can almost smell the gasses that the aliens create when you blast them off. The soundtrack fits perfectly to the theme and the pace of the game. This game is is a full immersion in an unseen world. FEATURES Fantastic visual effects 16 Amazing Missions, each different from each other, which guarantees a great variation of gameplay. Each Level is a whole new experience Auto-Save of Level Progression Great atmosphere and a Mysterious a Story Over 18 Weapons A Training/Tutorial stage that allows you to master the game mechanics before you go through the real missions 3 difficulty levels that you can choose according to your skills and experience. Additionally an I.A. system will analyse your skills and help you with extra-lives if this is required 3 Graphic Modes : Choose between HD modern Graphics, 8 bit and a 16 bit graphic mode to get the feeling of an old home computer or an arcade cabin 3 Spaceships (and four colours to choose) + special vehicles A massive number of enemies and no repetitive boring enemy patterns, but enemies with an aggressive IA. Special Escort missions. They require great concentration and skills Open World Exploration missions in Huge Spaces. IN-GAME-Bonus: Unlock an Art Gallery, a Video Gallery, 3D printable models , cool wallpapers and T-shirt Art ready to be printed Special Bonus: Play as an Enemy in a cool level and customize your own Monster One thing is sure: it can't get boring ! No micro-transactions, but traditional IN-Game unlockable Bonuses ! No AAA Company policies that makes the Game unplayable. This is how it has to be ! Clear, Transparent and fair !Remote Life is not the usual remake, reboot or a longing to the past. It stands for a modern approach of playing a 2D game in space. THE STORY A Huge and menacing Alien Hive is approaching our planet. The only way to defeat it is to get inside and destroy it from the center. You are John Leone, an ambitious pilot, ready to fire all his ammo inside the jaws of horror ! Take your space Jet and save our planet. Discover the reason why the aliens are attacking us and experience a mysterious story behind this attack. But beside all this: SAVE OUR PLANET!

Remote Life Critic Reviews

A challenging, graphically flawless game that seems like a miracle. Three years of hard work of a single person that cost only 18 euros. A masterpiece that we hope will serve Mario Malagrino among the next big names of Industry.

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Remote Life is a mix of old and modern sensibilities in a package that works rather well. The twin-stick shooting blends in nicely with tight controls and enemies that are fun to fight if you're not stuck with a terrible weapon. The level design mixes in traditional scrolling with a few adventure levels, all of which have some great design for the genre. If you can live with the translation errors and ignore some of the technical issues, you'll find Remote Life to be an engaging shooter for those who don't crave millions of bullets on the screen.

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Those looking for an authentically minimalist and challenging arcade SHMUP experience with splendid pre-rendered assets will find what they are looking for in Remote Life.

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"REMOTE LIFE" official STEAM Trailer - Available on STEAM !!!!!

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