Battle Planet - Judgement Day

Threaks, Wild River Games, EuroVideo Medien
Oct 17, 2019 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Battle Planet - Judgement Day Trailers

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: Release Trailer thumbnail

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: Release Trailer

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: Behind The Scenes -Tech Showcase (English) thumbnail

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: Behind The Scenes -Tech Showcase (English)

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: GameplayTrailer thumbnail

Battle Planet - Judgement Day: GameplayTrailer

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Critic Reviews for Battle Planet - Judgement Day

The core arcade shoot-em-up action is what carries Battle Planet – Judgement Day through. It's a little too repetitive by design to push you straight through, but it's a fun, fairly priced diversion to boot up every now and again, especially with a buddy by your side.

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I personally enjoyed running around co-op style with my friends and seeing how far we can get before switching and making fun of the others.

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Battle Planet: Judgement Day is a shooter that's best played in short bursts with a friend in tow. The lack of objective variety can quickly dull your excitement, and the phantom attacks from enemies can be frustrating. The shooting is good enough that you can suffer through some terrible guns now and then, and the level design is enjoyable enough to merit a break from more involved titles.

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While Battle Planet – Judgement Day struggles with some uninspired leveling, and repetitive level design I think there is a solid amount of depth, and fun, to be found in this package.

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Battle Planet – Judgement Day is one of those game that I don’t think is bad a game and is very reasonable at the $14.99 price. I do however think it was made with a particular kind of gamer in mind. Fans of these types of games may think well I won’t need to get upgrades, I can use my luck and skill to wing my way through the 40+ waves the game has to offer. I have serious doubts anyone can do this since the damage you take from a single hit on the higher waves is substantial even after unlocking many perks and upgrades. This makes the game grindy since you will have to run the first waves quite a few times to power up enough to handle the more challenging levels and bosses. I spent around 5 hours with this one. Some of that time was solo and some was co-op with a friend and having two players does make the game a bit easier, but even then it is no cakewalk. I was only able to complete 35 waves for this review. It was just too difficult for me to handle solo past that and I had no one local to help me out. That being said, if you’re into this genre and love a good challenge you’ll like want to give this one a go.

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As a huge arcade-style twin-stick roguelike shooter fan this is a title planted firmly in my wheelhouse...

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