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Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment
Jun 2, 2015 - PC

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84 / 100
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Heroes of the Storm Feature Trailer - BlizzCon 2014 thumbnail

Heroes of the Storm Feature Trailer - BlizzCon 2014

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Critic Reviews for Heroes of the Storm

The most any studio has done to open up a complex genre to a new audience. Inviting, entertaining, and deceptively deep.

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'Heroes of the Storm' steals the best parts of existing MOBAs, adds some new tricks, and throws in a recognizable cast of Blizzard characters to make an insanely fun and addicting PC arena brawler.

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Put like that it almost sounds sinister, like this was made by a committee of scientists in lab conditions. Really it's been made by people who understand the joy of play and, much more crucially, that it's not just about the numbers. In the end it doesn't matter that Heroes of the Storm has 37 heroes, and the competition has hundreds. It doesn't matter that it has more maps, or no items, or shorter games. It doesn't even matter how many players it has. All that matters is it's more fun.

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It's hard to find as fun and fresh a package as this one in the free-to-play MOBA genre. I think it'll pay to stick around, because I'm never quite sure what they'll cook up next.

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Heroes of the Storm is like a MOBA highlight reel, cutting right to the best moments and doing away with all the boring bits. It's a fast, lean, and relentlessly fun 5v5 experience.

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The focus is on the fun, and it shows. Whether you're just looking to revisit your favorite characters from Blizzard franchises in new ways or looking for a more competitive experience, various gameplay modes allow players to enjoy things at any level of engagement

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Lots of colorful Blizzard characters cross paths in the sensational Heroes of the Storm.

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A Blizzard-themed MOBA that's easy to get into and increasingly fun to play as you improve.

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