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Slow Down, Bull

Insomniac Games
Apr 20, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Slow Down, Bull

Slow Down, Bull is a friendly and occasionally frustrating game with plenty of good morals to share and an admirable goal.

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In the end, Slow Down, Bull is a game that has been created for a very worthy cause, though it's difficult to recommend it outside of the charitable donation that will come with purchasing it.

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If the exploit I found hadn't been so game breaking, I'd have rated Slow Down, Bull higher. It's a very decent game for the price, and I'm happy to see more titles like this coming from well-known studios.

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Some gamers may be put off by the game's visuals or basic concept, but those that give it a chance will find an enjoyable game. It has a nice sense of challenge as you need to figure out the best way to collect the art supplies within the time-limit, while keeping Esteban from becoming Jake LaMotta (a raging bull, if you don't get the reference).

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Can you be angry at a game that examines frustration? Slow Down, Bull explores the aggressive relationship between creative inhibition and self-expression—and completely stresses the player out in the process. That's (probably) the point, but Slow Down, Bull may be a little too sharp to handle without an informed sense of patience.

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A cute and colorful game that oozes with a childlike charm. While it won't be winning any awards, it is well designed and an enjoyable game to play for some stress relief

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The concept was cute, but the game wasn't fun at all. The papercraft-like kindergarten art style fits it but it could be executed way better than 5 different backgrounds on the floor and some popsicle sticks as walls. The game gets boring and repetitive and it plays like a game made for mobile, which confuses me as to why it came out on PC, but at least 30% of the sales money will go to charity.

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Slow Down, Bull is a delightful casual experience about dealing with stress and learning to cope with a desire for perfection. Even so, it can get quite frustrating as progress through its campaign and the controls take a bit of time to get used to, both while using a mouse and keyboard configuration or a controller. The lack of 1080p resolution support is also a bit of a disappointment.

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