Death and Taxes

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Death and Taxes

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 20, 2020

Developer: Placeholder Gameworks

Publisher: Placeholder Gameworks

Genres: Art, Adventure, Interactive Story

In this 2D, narrative-based game, you assume the role of the Grim Reaper... on an office job. Your job is to decide which people are going to live or die. The consequences of your choices are yours to bear, while the mystery of your incarnation awaits revelation!

Death and Taxes Reviews

Death and Taxes is a short, fun game with plenty of replay value and enough challenge to keep you reincarnating a few times over.

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Good storytelling and voice acting is matched with colorful characters and nice visuals but the gameplay is very lacking in the fun department.

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Despite looking like a management-style game and bearing many of the signature elements of such a game, the goal isn’t necessarily to follow the rules. In fact, there isn’t really a set “goal” that you’re aiming for, as bad endings can be every bit as amusing as good ones, and you’re mostly figuring out how much you can get away with before experimenting with killing and sparing people based on coin flips, the voice of Grim’s conscience that sometimes confronts you in the mirror, and whatever capricious whims strike when reading a short synopsis of a person’s life. There aren’t any bad decisions, after all: just ones that can accidentally wipe out the human race.

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