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Death and Taxes

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Feb 20, 2020 - PC
7.5 / 10
8 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
4 / 5
Killa Penguin
7 / 10
Gaming Fyx
4 / 5
Hey Poor Player
5 / 5
7 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Death and Taxes


7.5 / 10.0

It's definitely a worthwhile game, especially if you're a fan of bureaucracy simulators. If you get stimulation from organizing, considering, and processing. Entrepreneurial pirate aside, the game is well written and delivered. The soundtrack is outstanding, the atmosphere is just so, and the replay value is nice. I'm not sure I'll be exhuming it for another playthrough anytime soon, but it was a decent experience before it was put to rest.

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Death and Taxes is a short, fun game with plenty of replay value and enough challenge to keep you reincarnating a few times over.

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Death and Taxes is a puzzle game where you play as a newly spawned Grim Reaper. Set in an office building we are given the task of deciding who lives and more importantly who dies, through the admin of quite a lot of paper work. With a new quota of who lives and dies being set each day we can choose to either ignore these or follow them dutifully. However there are consequences…

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Despite looking like a management-style game and bearing many of the signature elements of such a game, the goal isn’t necessarily to follow the rules. In fact, there isn’t really a set “goal” that you’re aiming for, as bad endings can be every bit as amusing as good ones, and you’re mostly figuring out how much you can get away with before experimenting with killing and sparing people based on coin flips, the voice of Grim’s conscience that sometimes confronts you in the mirror, and whatever capricious whims strike when reading a short synopsis of a person’s life. There aren’t any bad decisions, after all: just ones that can accidentally wipe out the human race.

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Death and Taxes is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or two discovering the various ways your actions and choices can impact the world and find an outcome.

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Death and Taxes has so much more going for it than I’ve even been able to discuss. The art style is fantastic, the voice acting is perfection, the music is brilliant, and the mechanic is sure to delight any Papers, Please fans. But what really, really stuck with me was not only how it dove deeply into existentialism in an entertaining way that didn’t get mired in the macabre, but how it quietly — so subtle, you could miss it — elevated the feel right back up at the end, aligning morals back to a human scale and setting the expectation and desire to do better.

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Good storytelling and voice acting is matched with colorful characters and nice visuals but the gameplay is very lacking in the fun department.

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As Death and Taxes is quite a short game its definitely worth your while to play through the game a few times to make the most of it and its different endings. I found the game to be enjoyable and funny. On my second play through I made different choices and got a completely different ending. While playing as the Grim Repear and dealing out death to unsuspecting humans may not be to everyones taste, Death and Taxes is a sarcastic, humorous take on a mundane office job with a twist!

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