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JumpJet Rex

TreeFortress Games
Apr 21, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for JumpJet Rex

This 8-bit throwback perfectly emulates the era, for better and for worse.

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JumpJet Rex feels right at home alongside of a lot of the classic retro games it pays homage to, but it also has some great modern updates and tweaks. While I could go for a little more variety in terms of the overarching goals it presents, I still found myself jumping in constantly to best my last ghost run even after the credits rolled.

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If you are a fan of old school games like Mega Man, this may be the easiest purchase you ever make. JumpJet Rex's new-school approach to old school platforming, and the addition of the time trial elements and collection itch to scratch, this game is an absolutely must-have.

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Jumpjet Rex is a great game but it can often as frustrating as it is fun. As long as you pace yourself, especially when things start getting difficult and your progression slows, you will find it to be an extremely enjoyable trip down memory lane and a great reminder of how challenging 2D platformers can be.

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While Jump Jet Rex might not be the longest game ever, it's hard to deny the amount of fun there is to be had with a Dino and a pair of jet boots.

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Overall this is a really great indie title for anyone interested in speedrunning or a game they can jump in and out of quickly. It's hard to not hate dinosaurs in space, especially when they have jetboots strapped on and are trying to save an entire planet from destruction; JumpJet Rex is no exception.

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There's a lot of fun to be had with JumpJet Rex, though the game sometimes goes out of its way to frustrate you.

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There's no reason "JumpJet Rex" shouldn't be the leader in the clubhouse for Indie Game of the Year. While I don't feel its designation as a platformer is 100% on-point in describing what the game actually is, that should not be held against it. This "platflyer" is more than worth the price of admission. Its yesteryear graphics and soundtrack are supplemented by subtle nods to gaming history, both visually and in its level design. Beyond its nostalgic surface, though, is a game that's freaky fun and well-suited for pick-up-and-play gamers as much as it is for hardcore enthusiasts looking to set world records. Stop reading this review now and add it to your Steam Library.

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