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Save Your Nuts

Triple Scale Games
Apr 16, 2020 - Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S
5 / 10
6.2 / 10
7.8 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
6.4 / 10
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Save Your Nuts - Official Release Trailer

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Reveal Trailer Save Your Nuts

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Critic Reviews for Save Your Nuts

As a single-player experience, there is little to keep you playing past the first few rounds, but as a party game with some mates, there’s fun to be had. It’s not the epic that Rocket League is, it’s not the clever and skilled party game that Over-Cooked is, nor is it as memorable as many classic party games, like the Crash Bash, Mario Parties and Pokemon Stadium mini-games of old. But it does what it sets out to do, just with absolutely no embellishments or flair. There’s just very little to it and that lack of content is the main story here.

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Save Your Nuts has its heart in the right place. While all the ingredients are here for a fun multiplayer game it just feels like it needs more polish. The game doesn’t quite feel like the simple pick up and play experience it should be. Maybe with some future patches Save Your Nuts could rise above these niggles. In its current stage it’s a fun messy party game, suitable for all the family.

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Save Your Nuts is an alright party game, it has some important elements and just comes across as lacking in variation.

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Save Your Nuts is a great game, and I am glad I got to play it. Although it’s simple enough to play, there is a degree of strategy which helps keep it interesting. However, like many party games, you can’t play it for too long, as there is only so much to do. Still, with the addition of computer-controlled bots, it’s fun both with or without friends and something I can see myself going back to again and again.

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I apologize in advance for being a bit jaded with local multiplayer games on the system, partially because of their abundance but really more due to the lacking level of fun and quality many exhibit...

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