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General Information

Available on:PCApr 28, 2020

Developer: Not Yet

Publisher: Maple Whispering Limited

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Platformer

WarriOrb is an action platformer where you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body! Make your way through the ravaged world to regain your freedom and sanity – meeting demons, giants, mutants and all sorts of magical and crazy creatures along the way.

WarriOrb Reviews

WarriOrb is a painful experience, and your enjoyment levels will depend on how masochistic you are. I found no impetus, no driving force to get the wisecracking Orb from A to B through any more sorry-looking levels. Very quickly I had had enough of retrying broken platforming sections two or three dozen times, for what is essentially no reward, except more of the same relentless, slow, monotonic boredom.

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Geeks Under Grace

Johnathan Floyd
6.5 / 10.0
Geeks Under Grace

Though flawed in many respects, WarriOrb is still worth playing for the bounce physics alone.

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WarriOrb - Short Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

WarriOrb - Short Gameplay Trailer