Mask of Mists Reviews

Mask of Mists is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
8 / 10.0
Sep 10, 2020

While it's too short to call epic, it's an excellent fantasy adventure. Just don't expect fun combat or a deep story.

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7 / 10.0
May 13, 2020

Mask of Mists is a lighthearted magical adventure that can provide the fans of the genre with few enjoyable hours of puzzle-solving and dungeon-delving.

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4.9 / 10.0
Sep 11, 2020

while colorful, atractive and with solid gameplay, mask of mists has poor camera controls which makes it bothersome top lay for extended times, it has some technical issues specially with framerate drops.

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Oct 10, 2020

Mask of Mists is a great and fun addition to the RPG genres. Fans of the genre should definitely give this game a shot; sure it’s not as huge as Skyrim or The Witcher 3, but sometimes it’s a nice diversion doing something smaller. It’s not perfect as you’ll possibly lose a bit of time going around in circles trying to figure out what to do, but it’s a peaceful game to lose yourself into.

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6 / 10.0
Sep 5, 2020

Mask of Mists is just fine. I’ve played much better games, but I’ve also played a ton of games that were a lot worse. For a seemingly lower budget title, it gets the job done if you’re looking for a short and straightforward Skyrim lookalike. It even has some inventive puzzles, which surprised me. It might be very janky, unpolished, and a bit uninventive, but you can notice the developers gave their best shot when making this project.

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Sep 2, 2020

The flat introduction and the anticlimactic ending have definitely dampened my spirits about the game a bit, but overall, I definitely enjoyed it. I’m already thinking about revisiting the Infected Territory to find the easter eggs I missed and tie up the loose ends I left dangling in my first playthrough. While the setup and conclusion could have been more effective, the gameplay is what matters, and the gameplay was immersive, interesting, and dynamic. I’d definitely recommend Mask of Mists to anyone looking for an atmospheric puzzle game that keeps them on their toes.

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