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Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 24, 2020

Developer: Genius Sonority

Genre: Puzzle

WELCOME TO THE CAFÉ! The lunch rush is on! Run and build up your very own eatery with Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-start puzzle game, available to download on Nintendo Switch. In this handheld experience, take the orders from your Pokémon customers and craft tasty treats, by completing satisfying icon matching puzzles! ORDER UP As Pokémon arrive to sample the delights of your Pokémon Café, it’s up to you and your highly trained staff to get their orders just right! Each order takes the form of a puzzle – where you must clear special “gimmicks” on-screen to prepare a dish. Using the touch screen, chain icons together and drag them round to dissolve sugar cubes, chop up tomatoes and whip cream for your next culinary masterpiece. Shifting icons around and moving these gimmicks into specific spots feels like you’re stirring a pot – so get into the cooking spirit when solving each puzzle! You only have a set number of moves to finish each puzzle, so be sure to use your Pokémon’s special Skill or consumable Items to help complete your current order. If you fail a puzzle, you’ll lose one of your five Hearts – lose all five Hearts and you can’t take on any other orders. NOW HIRING When you start up your fledgling café, Eevee will be the only Pokémon on staff to help you take orders and prepare delicious food. Complete orders and you’ll earn Stars – which fill up the Friendship gauge of your visiting patrons. Get a customer’s Friendship gauge high enough and they’ll offer to come and work for you! Each Pokémon comes with their own Skill, as well as specific foods they excel at preparing, so it pays to have a diverse kitchen staff as your café grows in size. PAY DAY! By completing orders successfully, you’ll also earn Golden Acorns – a currency that allows you to buy new café upgrades, consumable Items and additional moves, should you run out while trying to solve a puzzle. Your continued success running a café will also unlock new ingredients, opening up new food and drink options for serving to your hungry visitors. More food options means more customers, means more potential Pokémon to join your culinary collective! DINERS’ CLUB Connect up with other café owners, see how they’re performing and check out their favourite Pokémon by adding them to your Friends List. As you grow your business, receive updates on your progress, along with information about upcoming events via your café’s Inbox. Certain valued customers may even send you gifts! You’ll also receive six new Pokémon for free each month, so check back regularly to see which new faces will be joining you in the kitchen.

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Right now, however, it has not reached that point of player exploitation where I'd recommend deleting it off your phone entirely. Pokémon Café Mix is currently in that sweet spot where it's mostly harmless with only a few bits of frustration. The puzzle formula is entertaining enough to bring me back two or three times a day to try and get past those roadblocks, but really, I'm firing the app up far more often than that just to get a look at those delectable Pokémon dishes.

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Drea Bunce
8 / 10

Pokémon Café Mix is an easy-going and relaxed puzzle game, with plenty of nostalgic elements of my childhood playing Pokémon games. It's all very cute, with Pokémon themed menu items that look wonderfully appetising, and the swirling puzzling is ideal for introducing this world to younger family members.

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A decent start. The microtransactions aren’t massively intrusive, the energy system isn’t too debilitating and the stages aren’t Candy Crush Saga-style efforts where it’ll take you 70 goes to get lucky enough to eventually clear them. These are all qualified by the word “yet”, though, and that’s the thing to bear in mind as this game evolves on a fortnightly basis. It’s yet to be established whether this is the sort of mobile game that lulls you in with a false sense of security and then, later down the line, hits you with ridiculously difficult stages that will almost certainly need power-ups to clear (we see you, Dr. Mario World). For now, though, we’re happy.

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Pure Nintendo

D. Crowley
5 / 10.0
Pure Nintendo

Pokémon Cafe Mix has a great aesthetic to it. Still, the imprecise nature of its physics leads to equal parts fun and frustration.

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