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Jun 24, 2020 - Nintendo Switch

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Ninjala - Season 1 Trailer

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Ninjala - Story Mode Trailer

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Ninjala - Official Launch Trailer

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No Recommendation / Blank

There's much to love in this colourful free-to-play Switch exclusive, but it's obscured by some clumsy design.

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Ninjala is a unique melee-focused multiplayer live game with tons of style and depth, but for now it's light on content and heavy on microtransactions.

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Ninjala at launch is thin on content, but still enjoyable. Despite a frankly skippable paid Story Package, it's the sheer variety in its weapon lineup that makes its colorful free-to-play melee action stand out. Whether you're a Splatoon fan hungry for any new content, or just curious about a game where you can swing a giant ear of corn as a bat and enwrap your foes in bubblegum, Ninjala is worth checking out.

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Ninjala definitely has the look of something I should be in love with. It's bright and colorful, and the world-building happening here is genuinely fun. What's not fun are the poorly implemented mechanics that can ruin the fast and fluid combat. There is a solid template for something great here, and if GungHo can iron out all its wrinkles, it might have a genuine blockbuster on its hands.

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Ninjala's action doesn't always deliver and the combat can feel unresponsive or slow when you're on the receiving end of attacks, but despite that, Ninjala is an excellent free to play multiplayer title that every Switch player should try out. If you like Splatoon but want something a bit different, this is a great game to play. Just don't expect the story DLC to blow you away. At least it's cheap…

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Ninjala's pint-sized ninjas carry a lot of punch. Combat, filled with bursts of bubble gum and yo-yo swings, makes for pure candy-colored chaos.

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At the end of the day, Ninjala is a surprisingly entertaining free-to-play game that doesn’t require players to pull out their wallets to have a little fun. The microtransactions are all cosmetic, free content is on its way to add even more depth, and the visual style just oozes with charm.

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Ninjala is a good-looking and impressively tactical free-to-play arena fighter. It's currently lacking in modes and maps, there are problems with how the lacklustre opening tutorial goes about onboarding new players and the rock-paper-scissors aspect of proceedings is sure to be controversial but, overall, the game is off to a pretty strong start. We can't wait to see where GungHo takes its cast of pint-sized bubblegum protagonists in the coming months.

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