Layers of Fear VR

Incuvo S.A., Bloober Team SA
Dec 10, 2019 - HTC Vive, Meta Quest

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Layers of Fear VR | Oculus Quest

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Critic Reviews for Layers of Fear VR

Layers of Fear VR still manages to scare the crap out of you more often than not.

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Even with the reduction in graphical fidelity and the controller shortcomings, I still found LoFVR compelling to replay after five years from having played the original. The story is pretty good, but moreover I really liked the ever-changing mansion and Twilight Zone weirdness of it all. That kind of atmosphere and design lend themselves well to VR play, and to that end the game is interesting on PSVR, despite its shortcomings. Plus, at only $20, LoFVR is relatively light on the wallet for a few hours of spooky VR.

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Layers of Fear VR is a solid scary game for those who want to immerse themselves in a creepy and well-designed atmosphere. The game managed to keep my attention for the few hours that it lasts and manages to be a bit scarier in virtual reality especially with the excellent audio in the game. The downsides to it are that it looks worse than the non-VR version, relies on too many jump scares which cause them to become predictable, and the Move controllers take some getting used to. Bloober Team has made much better games since the original Layers of Fear but if you’re looking for a new horror VR title then this is a good one to try.

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If I had to tell you which version of Layers of Fear is my favorite, then Layers of Fear VR takes the cake. Not because it makes its pseudo-horror experience more immersive, but because I could occasionally forget about its mundane plot and dumb jumpscares and fool around with its silly physics and glitches in VR.

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Layers Of Fear VR improves upon an already well receive horror game and brings the scares closer to the player than ever before!

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The horrors unfolding in-game aren’t the most scary thing about the game - the limitations of the hardware however were frightful, meaning that the game is just two analogue sticks away from being a must-own title for VR players. Sadly, the things that let Layers of Fear VR down are outside the control of the developers, but if you power through the technical issues, you’ll find a game that gives a satisfactory return on your investment just on the story alone.

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Gaming Professors

Zdeněk Samec
9 / 10.0
Gaming Professors

Layers of Fear VR is a quality port of horror from Bloober Team SA, which has no major flaws. It's just a shame that the game doesn't have more content or the option to play DLC.

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